Ideas for Creating a Smart SaaS Content Marketing Strategy

Ideas for Creating a Smart SaaS Content Marketing Strategy - SaaS Content

SaaS companies are often some of the last to invest in any form of content marketing. This is because these companies feel that they often can’t attach an ROI to all of their SaaS content marketing efforts, and they want to make sure that they are investing in content that will reach the right people.

However, knowing the benefits of content marketing and understanding how they can impact your business are two different things. As such, SaaS companies need to invest in content marketing in a smart way in order to feel that they are getting the most out of it.

Making this type of investment might seem like it is outside of the scope of what a software company can do, but the truth is that SaaS companies are all about using software to solve problems. By allowing content to show how your SaaS company can solve problems, you will go a long way in educating and enticing your potential users into purchasing a subscription to your software. 

Focus on education  

Ideas for Creating a Smart SaaS Content Marketing Strategy - SaaS Content

When creating content, the first thing that any company should focus on is what the actual goal of the content is. Creating goals with your content, such as brand awareness or gaining email subscribers, is important, but the ultimate goal of content for SaaS companies should always be education.

By focusing on educating their audience, SaaS companies can help to break down complex issues into long-form guides and whitepapers. This can help to entice readers into software subscribers, who may not realize how a software solution could tangibly help them solve their problems. 

Use a content series 

Creating a content series, which is a logical sequence of content that feeds into or plays off each other, helps to establish consistency and authority for a SaaS company. This will allow a SaaS company to smarten up its content marketing strategy and see which part of the customer journey appeals to prospective users the most. For example, you may find that potential users are looking for a particular use case for your software and for it to solve a particular problem. However, you can’t know that unless you release a bunch of content within a series that discusses different ways that your software can solve problems and how it can help.  

Repurpose content for multiple channels

It can be exhausting to constantly come up with new topics for your SaaS content marketing strategy. Instead of doing this, you can use your different marketing channels to cover similar topics. When recycling content, a blog post can easily be further explored in the form of an eBook or whitepaper, and can also be discussed in-depth on a podcast, or broken down into its most simplistic terms into a shareable infographic. Not only does this speed up the process of creating content, but it also provides consistency and allows you to get the message you want out of multiple marketing channels.  

In summary

Overall, a smart SaaS content marketing strategy can help you gain influence and authority in multiple marketing channels and content discovery platforms. By focusing on education, creating content within a series, and repurposing your content as needed, you’ll be well on your way to providing value to your potential customers who will ultimately subscribe to use your software for an extended period of time.