Important Changes Coming Up On

So, many readers noticed and complained that this blog is not updated regularly enough and that we have less interested content than before, so I decided to take action before it’s too late. We used to have 4000+ unique visitors every day, and now we will have even more. That’s a promise.

First of all, and I guess that would be an essential step, we are going to have a new design. Our new layout (we are still negotiating with a few leading web design companies) is going to be easy to navigate, clean, and of course with a much reduced number of adsense slots, which as I learnt irritates some of the readers. Although some of the Adsense position bring in over 100 $ a month (and just imagine how much is it in total!), I finally realized that Adsense is a Pay-per-Leave program, and the few hundreds of dollars I collect from this blog does not worth losing the readers.

Another thing that is coming up probably in a month or so is my eBook, – the full guide to making money online. It will be a huge and detailed guide to how YOU can make money online, too. The book will be absolutely FREE, no hidden fees. I’s sure you are going to love it but meanwhile, stay tuned because the new layout is coming up hopefully in a week or less,  and the ebook is a month or less, feel free to subscribe if you don’t want to miss an update!