Increasing Adsense Revenue!

Let’s face it, this is everyone’s desire. Weather you make 2$ a month, or 2,000$ a month, you would still dream to add a few zeros to your cheque. Problem is, so many articles are floating over the Internet, trying to teach you how to increase revenue, some suggest high paying keywords, some suggest to build content, while others simply offer their AdSense optimization service, promising that you will pay them 300$ now for the optimization and your next cheque will be 30,000$. How real is it? Well, nothing is impossible, but we will try to see how to do it ourselves, spending minimum effort and targeting for maximum income.

First and foremost is traffic. You can’t possibly make more than a few dollars daily if you only have a few visitors a day. You need massive traffic. Admit it, the chances of one visitor noticing AND clicking you ad are far slimmer than 10,000 people viewing your ad AND clicking. Not everyone will click, but some percent of them always will, and this percent is called CTR (Click Through Rate). Now you know that you need traffic, but don’t get swept away and try to generate bots traffic of any of the traffic boost websites. Remember that Google may ban you for “bad traffic”, so let it come natural, you need genuine visitors.

Lets say you got loads of traffic to operate with, now the next step is to make people click on your ads. While you must not tell people to click or suggest it in any way (it’s strictly against the TOS), there are some indirect ways to increase the clicks count and consequently the revenue. This will also improve your CTR, it’s better to have 10 clicks from 100 Page Impressions, rather than 10 clicks from 2000 page impressions. The more clicks per the percent of page impressions, (in other words – the higher is your CTR) the better is your CPM (payment per 1000 page impressions). From point of view of the advertiser, paying you 1$ for 1000 doesn’t worth it, if the CTR is 0.01%. However, if your buddy has 25% CTR, his payment for each 1000 page impressions will be higher, because from marketing point of view, he is more “perspective”. He delivers more potential buyers to advertisers’ web.

So, now you know you need tons of clicks, but this is nothing new, you knew it all the time. The trick is to have high paying ads on your site. You can read, for more details, my page about high paying keywords. While it’s practically against the TOS (again!) to build your site just for the sake of ads, or “around” the high paying keywords, to artificially increase the earnings, you can help your site by optimizing and replacing some keywords. For example (and it’s 100% example!) replace eCard with “online greeting”, or visa versa. Get the point?

This will result in increasement per click, so instead of 10 clicks which generate 10 cents each, you will have 10 clicks that generate 1$ each. that it’s already a big improvement. And now imagine collecting 100 clicks each day… Hey, it’s possible! Most big sharks out there generate thousands of clicks daily, and they are human, simple mortals just like you. Well, richer simple mortals 😀

So, you have lots of traffic, you have high paying ads on your site, but you still don’t have enough for a yellow Lamborghini, what’s wrong?

First, be patient, let the site grow. Make many sites, that link to each other, and that display different, unique content. Content is king, we all know it. Having various websites, displaying various articles or keywords, will allow you to pull revenue from different niches and experiment. Maybe you will discover that site A brings 10$ every month, while site B brings 10$ every day… It would be wise to add some more content and update site B on a more regular basis in order not to disappoint regular visitors.

Bottom line is… work hard on promotion, then experiment to see what works best for you, then rest upon your lavres…  😉

  1. Andrey says:

    That’s really interesting article. I have two site with total visitors amount in the range 4000 hosts/day but it still doesn’t bring enough money, what I want.
    LOL I was surfing Inet in order to find hints for expensive adsense keywords, but what I got(this article) is really usefull.

    Thanks. Don’t strop working!

    BRGDS from Kiev, Ukraine

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