Information About SIEM Tools

When it comes to ensuring the efficiency and security of your business information you will require a system that is trusted and known for keeping important, personal information safe from potential malicious activity. One of the most sought after security features that more and more business owners are using for their technological security needs are SIEM tools .

The term “SIEM” is an acronym for Security Information and Event Management. The term was introduced by Amrit Williams and Mark Nicolett. An SIEM tool is also called an “SIM” or security information manager tool. This type of security was first introduced in the late 1990s and is considered to be of great importance in the ever changing world of technology. An SIEM tool is computerized and can be of assistance to you and your professional needs by obtaining useful, up to date, real-time information that accesses specific user logs; and keep you alert to any immediate threats that could compromise your business’s security. As of February 2012 there are more than 80 unique SIEM systems in existence thus far. Unlike most security systems of the past, most of SIEM systems are easy to use and are beneficial for almost all industries, such as high security government and military jobs. There are also other important capabilities that the SIEM tool has to offer. ┬áSIEM is also used for long-term storage and as a form of scheduling so that important events are not overlooked. It is also a bundling source that links common events together and assists in identifying information that are not forming a consistent pattern.

If you are interested in this type of security tool for your company, be aware that these technological tools are range in price from a few hundred dollars to a few thousand dollars, depending upon the levels of security needed.