Is your company website letting you down?

Is your company website letting you down? -

An effective, fully-functioning website is an essential part of any business. Whether you are just setting up your first venture or are in your tenth year of operation, if your website isn’t working to the best of its capabilities, then this will make a huge difference on how your customers perceive who and what your business offers. First and foremost, keep in mind that your website offers any Internet user with a snapshot of the products and services that you offer – so it’s crucial that any issues are ironed out. From providing obvious links to social media, to ensure that your site is fully responsive and packed full of relevant content, is your website lacking?


On point branding

Is your company website letting you down? -

Your brand and company logo are what makes your company truly unique – not to mention it’s what your customer will first associate with you and your business. Therefore, if you have clear company colors or imagery, then it’s essential that these are used and positioned across your entire site. Make sure that you are consistent and choose up-to-date and relevant imagery to keep your site ahead of that of your competitors too. It can be time-consuming to revise your use of branding across your site, but be patient; once you have made these changes, you will be left with a more uniform and polished end result.


Social channels

It seems that everyone is on social media – so the question is, are you? Even if you don’t have a dedicated social media resource, it’s essential that links to your site are shared across social channels. Not only can this boost hits to your site, but it is also a great way to raise awareness of your business or products. So if you aren’t up to speed when it comes to Twitter or Facebook, then now should be the time for you to start.


Good SEO

Is your company website letting you down? -

Poor use of keywords, content and links could be seriously affecting your SEO performance. Your site may be live, but if you haven’t done the technical work, then chances are you won’t get good ratings on Google search. If you aren’t sure where to start when it comes to improving your SEO, companies such as The Hoth can help get your site up to speed. Improved traffic means that more people have visited your site – raising your online profile as a result.


Up to date content

From blogs to video, or even interviews and articles, any content that you write or create should be up-to-date, topical and relevant to your site, and explain who you are as a business. Make sure that you maintain an editorial calendar and ensure that a steady stream of content is added to your site on a regular basis. You can also use your social channels to share this information too – encouraging current followers to check out your site, and you might even gain new ones too. Even if you aren’t a natural creative, consider major influencers or bloggers to provide guest posts that can help to overhaul the content on your site.