Just Back From France!

I am finally back from France and wanted to share my experience with you, dear readers. When I first flew there, I thought it would be a land of Moulin Rouge, cheese and wine, however to my amazement, I was wrong. While of course there is a lot of space for traditional french culture attributes, I was amazed at how popular poker is in France. In fact, it’s not only popular, it’s also legal, and because it is — so many people are taking their chances in both card clubs and online communities. After all, let’s not forget that we live in 2011, and it’s the era of online communication! For example, we all had see Pokerstars commercial airing on EuroSport channel, but I was surprised to discover that Pokerstars is licensed to operate in France (I am surprised because for US citizens it’s quite rare to see a huge gambling-related company actually operating under legal terms).

Since they have their own poker site , many french guys (and even girls) prefer to stay at home and challenge other players from the comfort of their armchairs, especially now in such a cold season when getting out is already a challenge for some of us. It’s not really like the traditional gambling scheme when players have no chance of inning against a machine, it’s all about real people, and real games, and the fact that it all operates online makes no difference. Contrary to a real life club, when you play online — you have a wide variety of games and players to choose from, you have tournaments, special monetary bonuses and even online tutorials on how to play and master your skills in this field. When you visit their website (assuming you do speak french at least a bit) you will find that there are at least 80 thousands of people online, just imagine how much is that for a relatively small country like France! Obviously they are one of the leading in the industry there and we can only wish that one day it will be legal worldwide and players will not need to feel like their doing something wrong when trying to win millions of dollars… after all, it’s just a game with a huge possibility to profit, if you “play your cards right” 😉 .

Just Back From France! -