Killer Deal: Download Responsive Slider + 3 Bonus WP Themes

Killer Deal: Download Responsive Slider + 3 Bonus WP Themes - Megan Fox

Think every WordPress Image Slider is as good as the next one? Think again! Sure you can find plenty of normal image sliders that let you feature various photos and articles on your website, but they’re all fairly straightforward. They get the job done, but that’s about it.

If you’re looking to really wow your readers and grab their attention the instant they land on your website, you need the Responsive Extra Slider . This amazing WordPress image slider is currently the only slider online that offers a combination of Google Fonts, CSS3 effects, and a responsive slider.

Responsive Extra Slider Highlights:

  • Various Slider Skins
    Easily choose from four different slider skins to start things off. A thumbnails layout is even available if you’re looking to go that way in terms of navigation.
  • Unlimited Fonts
    Since the Responsive Extra Slider supports Google Fonts, your choices are pretty limitless. You can preview the Google fonts right in the admin panel and set them in place with a simple click.
  • Animated Text
    Using the Google Fonts Effects API and CSS3 animations is a hot trend these days. The Responsive Extra Slider takes full advantage of both to make your words really move! And the best part is you do it all with a simple click. No need to mess with any CSS files.

Killer Deal: Download Responsive Slider + 3 Bonus WP Themes -

  • Responsive Design
    With a name like Responsive Extra Slider, you pretty much figured it was built with a responsive design, huh? Good call. That means users can still enjoy this gorgeous slider even if they’re viewing your site on a laptop, tablet, or smartphone.
  • Simple to Reorder
    Using an intuitive drag-and-drop system you can quickly and easily reorder any of the slides.
  • Multiple Sliders
    You’re not just getting one slider with this purchase. You can put up as many Responsive Extra Sliders as you like on your site. Using a super simple shortcode, you can publish a different slider on every page of your site if you’d like. You’re limited only by your imagination.
  • Auto Image Cropping and Sizing
    You won’t need five different photo editing programs to get your pictures slider ready. The Responsive Extra Slider does all the image cropping and sizing for you!

Killer Deal: Download Responsive Slider + 3 Bonus WP Themes -

  • Extremely Customizable
    With an advanced admin panel, you can customize just about every part of your slider including themes, effects, fonts, speed, previous and next text, and so much more.
  • Simple to Install
    Since the Responsive Extra Slider is a WordPress plugin, it’s a breeze to install and activate. With just a few clicks, you’ll be set up in seconds.

Killer Deal: Download Responsive Slider + 3 Bonus WP Themes -

BONUS: 3  Premium WordPress Themes

Besides getting the innovative Responsive Extra Slider, this Mighty Deal includes three gorgeous WordPress themes that all include one-year’s worth of customer support and updates from the date of purchase.

Here are the bonus themes you will receive with this deal:

Sera WordPress Theme (regular price $25)

Killer Deal: Download Responsive Slider + 3 Bonus WP Themes -

More info | Sera Live Demo


Notte Responsive WordPress theme – (regular price $25)


More info | Notte Live Demo


Espresso WordPress theme (regular price $25)

Killer Deal: Download Responsive Slider + 3 Bonus WP Themes -

More info | Espresso Live Demo


“They are amazing. I have probably used each and every product ever released by Sramek Design and I must say they are all professional and creative. Love the friendly support you provide, keep up the good work!”

– Victoria Flame, WPTriumph


The insanely awesome Responsive Extra Slider WordPress Plugin with the 3 themes normally sells for $104, but for a limited time, you can get a Personal License (for your own unlimited personal websites) for Responsive Extra Slider Plus the 3 Premium WordPress themes for just $19! OR get the Developer License for the Responsive Extra Slider (for unlimited commercial projects and client websites) Plus the Standard license for the 3 Premium WordPress themes for just $29 instead of the regular price of $134. That’s a savings of more than 80% off the regular price!

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