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elegant themes wordpress

Perhaps one of the most elegant and memorable themes I made so far; we are not talking only about premium quality but also highest quality graphic and a lot of features.

elegant themes wordpress

  • Ready for Adsense space at the header
  • FREE Logo is enclosed in PSD format for easy customization
  • Ready for 125*125 ads
  • Ready for Twitter
  • Ready for featured posts gallery, please note that it requires plug in.
  • Ready for thumbnails, you can use either Thumbnail or the image will be pulled directly from your post, if there is any.
  • Tested on recent version of wordpress 2.7
  • Compatible with IE6, IE7, Opera, Firefox 3 and Safari.
  • This theme is based on a GPL layout.


You MUST install the to make the theme work properly.


unfortunately I cannot offer personal support as most questions repeat themselves and I simply have no time to get back to everyone as fast as I’d want to. Hence, please post all your questions as a comment on this post I will an effort to reply asap if any issue is raised.

Enjoy the theme and as always I kindly ask not to remove the footer credits.

Demo | Download

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  6. Joji Sanal says:

    You have only one template, and you are just changing the images and sponsor links and post it as a new theme. I also know to do so.
    Come up with some new stuff Like Web2feel Jinson. Make some magazine style or CMS style wordpress themes (dont forget to make it free). That is the trend now. No one wants simple themes like this.

    Thanks :)(:

  7. Lee says:

    Hello I am trying to help a friend out but like a previous poster the sidebar images will not show when he ads his widgets. That is why he asked me to help but I am at a loss as to why this is going on…

    How do we fix this PLEASE????

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