More Tips of Choosing the Best Hosting Deal – Beginners, please read!

I keep seeing frustrated posted on the internet about people who signed up with a host who scammed them or, at best, didn’t live up to their expectations, as a result they had to move and lose some data they could not recover from the old hosting service. WHY hundreds of users still make this mistake? I understand, only a novice will pay for a host he didn’t hear of before, but come on boys and girl, you must do your homework before you sign up with a certain web hosting!

First of all, go to any webhosting comparison website and make a small comparison. Most of the new users don’t even know whether they need a shared hosting or a dedicated server or a web hosting shopify , but if you will go through all the articles on their website, you will understand the difference and find the optimal solution for your site. Secondly, now with all the awareness about ecology and global warming, most companies offer, what’s called — green hosting. So if you care about the environment and want to maintain an eco-friendly website, go green, it’s often also cheaper.

When you visit Web Hosting Geeks dot com, you will see that there is a host for any budget, starting from as low as 1,99 $ per month, but each host comes with a list of ratings and independent user reviews, so you will be able to compare not only prices and features but also feedbacks and reviews. I guess this is what many beginners miss, they don’t read reviews and rely blindly on the advertisement, assuming that a well promoted company can’t go wrong. While it could be correct about most web hosting companies, there is nothing like a human review. Today, when bandwidth is no longer expensive, when almost every company will give you a free domain upon sign up and also shower you with Google coupons and miscellaneous discounts and goodies, the most important factor is the uptime of the server, ability to perform under load and support.

Go on and chose yourself one of the top rated hosting services, make sure you do a good and comprehensive comparison before you pay and start uploading your data to the server. Remember that each day spent on studying your future host will save you weeks and month of headache afterward. Good luck!

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