Most Adventurous Date Ideas For Bloggers

Most Adventurous Date Ideas For Bloggers - Digital marketing

Dates can be some of the highlights and nightmares of interacting socially. The desire to impress the other person has led to a ‘dating industry’ fueled by expensive cocktails and low-lit bars. Make a statement with an adventurous date and show your love interest or significant other that there is a reason why he or she is with you. Life is too short to eat expensive popcorn and watch a film you would have never chosen yourself while sitting in silence with your date for three hours. Choose the adventurous – and have an unforgettable date.


Theme Park


This date idea is perfect for the early stages of a relationship. While on the terrifying rides, your date with hopefully hold your hand which will add romance and sparkle to your date. The queues in theme parks become a problem of the past because this is a valuable time for you to chat and make jokes with your date. The scary element of the rides will break down boundaries between you both as you are sharing an experience, and it’s well known that thrilling activities tend to excite physicality between partners, too.


Escape Rooms


A brilliant way to spend an afternoon with your date, Escape Rooms require you to ‘break out’ of a locked room with your pooled intellect and problem-solving skills. Working with your date is a great way to bond and spend quality time together. If it’s a rainy day, this could be the adventure for you. Escape rooms are becoming extremely popular and can be found in most larger towns nowadays. The challenge and adrenaline of breaking out of an escape room is an exciting thing to do with a partner or potential partner because you are showing off skills that you often don’t use.




This is a slightly unorthodox date idea, but it is perfect if human rights or animal causes are close to your heart. Contrary to what romantic films tell us, relationships don’t exist in a vacuum, and as a couple, it is important to interact with other people. It is a perfect way to spend time with someone you care about and do something new and meaningful together; there is an uncountable spectrum of benefits that can be obtained from volunteering. One massive positive point for volunteering during your date means that it won’t be very expensive either.


A ChildhoodTour


If you live in the city that you grew up in, this one is easy! If you don’t, though, it may be worth taking a short trip with your love back to your hometown for this completely unique date activity. This is a physical tour of the most meaningful places for you when growing up. Being in the locations of your past will inspire you to access ‘forgotten’ memories. Bringing up poignant moments from your past is one of the possible ways to strengthen a relationship, too, by sharing things close to your heart.


To make the best impression on a date, it is best to skip going for a drink or to the movies and do something adventurous. These activities are unforgettable and a wonderful thing to do with anyone you’re hoping to have a wonderful day with.