Movavi Screen Capture: Record Videos Directly From a PC Screen

Movavi Screen Capture: Record Videos Directly From a PC Screen -

Have you ever wondered how people are able to create video guides and tutorials that encompassed footage of their desktop, or a particular app or Movavi Screen Capture: Record Videos Directly From a PC Screen -software? Essentially it is accomplished by using screen capture which will allow you to record video footage from your PC screen – and which can actually be used for far more than simply creating tutorials. Because screen capture will let you record anything that it on your screen, you could use it to save Skype calls, grab online streaming videos from websites, and much more.

Suffice to say there are tons of useful things that you could do if you could record videos from your screen – but to perform any of them the first thing that you’ll need is the right software. On that front you can’t go wrong if you opt to use Movavi Screen Capture (which can be found here), as it will provide you with a nice and simple way to record the footage that you want without having to jump through any hoops.

Rest assured the learning curve that is required to use Movavi Screen Capture is minimal, and it doesn’t take any special skills or experience to use. In fact so long as you are willing to experiment with the software, odds are you’ll be able to intuitively grasp how it works in minutes and can apply its features to:

  • Specify the area of your screen that you want to record by drawing and adjusting the capture frame on-screen, or using one of the preset sizes to do so.
  • Set a frame rate of up to 60 frames per second for the highest possible quality and smoothest playback – or less than that in order to conserve space by reducing the file size of the video.
  • Choose to record the system audio or audio from an external device such as a microphone, MIDI device, and so on (or both).
  • Control the audio levels by using sliders to adjust their volume.
  • Highlight the mouse cursor to make it more visible, or conversely hide it completely.
  • Select a custom ‘click’ sound that is more audible.
  • Display any keys that are pressed on the keyboard on-screen so that they can be recorded.
  • Manage the recording process using the hotkeys to start, stop, pause or take screenshots during the recording.
  • Configure a timer to automatically stop the recording after a certain duration has elapsed.

Between all these features you should definitely be able to set up Movavi Screen Capture so that it captures a video that meets your needs and specifications precisely. Regardless of whether you want to grab online video streams from websites, save Skype calls or create your very own tutorials – it has everything you need to record high quality videos directly from your screen. On your part all that you need to do is try it out and you’ll be able to see firsthand just how easy it actually is to record footage from your PC screen.