Natural Link Building: Yes, it Exists

Natural Link Building: Yes, it Exists -

Imagine a world where you could be rewarded for your SEO work in direct proportion to your efforts… Link Building naturally.. Or is it not? Link building is originally something that always happens if someone posts something interesting on the Internet, then people begin linking to their article / resource and sharing this material. If many people link to a web page, then that is obviously good content. This thought was (almost) identical to that of Google – some 10-15 years ago. Meanwhile, Google has learned about spammy techniques and can link building can even result in a penalty. What is link building, you have to link building and what should you not do?
Google’s philosophy: links come naturally

Not everyone is happy with this advice. It is not easy to make content that is simply shared, let alone (relevant) websites will post links to your website. This is especially true for retailers and other business websites, where competition is often engaged in search engine optimization field. How do you handle it so bad here?

Natural Link Building: Yes, it Exists -
Content is an essential part of any SEO strategy

Write good content! Content is incredibly important in the ranks of your WordPress website. There is a reason that Google encourages you to write good content: this content is actually shared (with a few tips, read on!). We have seen it happen on The more items we started writing about WordPress, the more links there were transferred to us from blogs, homepages and even websites of companies that WordPress offers services. The WordPress SEO plugin also does wonders for long-tail keywords. It is possible – if your content is good – to score, even without a lot of valuable backlinks.

[su_pullquote]Admittedly, this is easier in one sector than in the other branch, and not everyone has the time, knowledge and desire to write many articles. It is important for WordPress SEO to have content: good, unique content.[/su_pullquote]

Begin with some killer mentioned articles, or “killer articles”. A killer article is long but very informative article on a particular subject. This WordPress SEO Tutorial example, a killer article: many major issues summarized in the search engine optimization and applied on WordPress websites. Write an article that is so valuable and useful to your target audience, that people can not ignore. If your article is online once (quality over quantity: writing a good article can take easily +10 hours), it’s time to begin the natural link building.
Social media to build a network

Beginning on social media. No doubt there are Facebook groups where your target audience has gathered. Post a message in such a Facebook group, but beware: make sure it does not come across as SPAM. Bring it personally: brief introduction, why you wrote the article, why share it (perhaps your audience has something about it!) And a request for feedback and possible responses. It is important that you do not come across as a marketing guy who wants to sell something, you’ve written something that has real substance.

Links posted from social media websites are often nofollow, making your website look (in terms of authority) has nothing. This does not mean that these kind of links do not make sense: by your article below to the attention, draw your visitors and may have some interesting contacts. Email your article to experts within your target audience (again: make sure it does not come across as SPAM) and ask for comments. The more your article is the attention, the greater the chance that you will eventually get to the left of (relevant) websites. This ultimately leads to a better SEO profile of your website. Blog comments: use it well or do not do it!
Reply to relevant blogs: good for WordPress SEO

It might sound crazy, but if you respond well apply to blogs, you can have much. Many people see blog comments merely as spam, but there you are in control of yourself. Find relevant blogs and liver that substantive comments on an article. Go deep, shows that you know what you’re talking about. Be respectful and make sure your comment is not marked as spam: involve the author, his theses, your knowledge and ask good questions, share comments.

Blogs feast of good comments because they:

  1. increase the interaction and
  2. to add content to the page.

Place somewhere a link to your article, explain what you have written and ask what he / she likes it. The link is probably nofollow, but gives you visitors and you have established a (good) contacts within your industry.
Guest Blogging on (relevant) Blogs

The above methods actually ensure that you are an authority within an industry. It is a durable method that yields much in the long term. Find relevant blogs (or use the contacts you have gained with the steps above) and ask if you can publish an article on another blog as a guest blogger. This is a popular exchange: Do you provide good content on that blog can score and you get a link.

In addition to a link you can ask for a piece of this author, so that readers see your name and website. This also contributes to fame: become an authority in the industry, then the links will come. Are you still not convinced, read this article on ahrefs about guest blogging. Content is king, think of it when coming up with your search engine optimization strategy. Guest Blogging can be an interesting way of link building, provided that the article actually add some!
Signatures and messages on forums

Also in this tip I make a side note: No spam. A forum is a website with a lot of people dealing with one subject. It may well be that a forum fits perfectly with your target audience and is therefore relevant. Create an account on such a forum (just with your own name) and start again to read some topics. Complete your profile, leave valuable comments and engage. If you have met a few people and some authorities have built, you can link gently once to your website. But hiding the link, but give what you have written, why you wrote it and why it might be interesting for the forum readers. Start a new topic: that’s just advertising. Make sure you only put the link if one actually know about.
Link Building Tip: forum signature

You can often set a signature. Such a signature is visible from any comment you post on the forum and sometimes you can even place a link in the signature. But beware: not spam. Suppose I were a member of a forum on search engine optimization. I could explain my signature that I am a founder of and recently wrote an article about WordPress SEO. The words [WordPress SEO] I could then linking to this article. I know that the content to which I refer, is good. I know my audience – the forum visitors – there might be something to do, so I put the link.

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