Online Examination And Their Characteristics

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Online examination has been quite significant other than being a pattern in India. The exponential ascent in web-based learning has made online tests a significant asset for instructive establishments and corporates. While students choose serious tests like CAT, JEE, GATE, etc, working experts decide on tests like UPSC, GMAT, Bank PO, or CAT. The shared factor here is online examinations. 

Pen and paper tests are as of now being enhanced or rather subbed by online appraisal platforms, on account of fast digitalization. An investigation by KPMG states that the online examination industry is required to develop into a faltering USD 11 billion markets by 2021. Appropriately it is the second-biggest e-learning market after the US. Let us get an extent of the effect of e-examination in India. 

How does online examination work?

Online examinations, once in a while alluded as e-examinations, are the examinations led through the web or in an intranet (if inside the Association) for remote candidates. The greater part of the examinations issue results as the competitor finish the examination, when there is an answer handling module likewise included with the framework. 

They can be utilized to effectively assess the applicant altogether through a completely mechanized framework that spares part of the time as well as gives quick outcomes. For students, they give modules as per their accommodation and time and there is no need of utilizing an additional thing like paper, pen and so forth. 

These examinations are led as open-book type examinations. The applicant is offered a constrained opportunity to respond to the inquiries and after the time expiry the appropriate answer paper is disabled naturally and answers are sent to the analyst. The analyst will assess answers, either through the robotized process or physically, and the outcomes will be sent to the competitor through email or made accessible on the website. 

Today numerous associations are directing on the online examinations overall effectively and issue results on the web. 

There are focal points and hindrances in online examinations. The primary bit of leeway is that it very well may be directed for remote candidates and examination of answers can be completely robotized for MCQ and other paper type questions can be assessed physically or through computerized framework, contingent upon the idea of the inquiries and the prerequisites.

Likewise, online examinations can be directed whenever and doesn’t cause greater expense as customary test situation as there is no desk work involved(eg: printing test papers, giving out answer sheets, and so on) , there are no invigilators, additionally, no need of a plan of the test focuses. When contrasting with conventional test situations the expense for an online examination will be very nearly zero and the online test framework is looked up as a foundation and if upkeep cost isn’t thought of.

Aim of Online Examination Framework

The online examination framework will help in accelerating the way towards leading an examination. Instructors will have the option to make examinations by making a set of questions. The questions can be numerous MCQ or single (text) answer questions. The framework will be able to naturally process the consequences of examination dependent on the question database. The framework will have smart capacities to check the content-based answers when there is a definite match, however, it will likewise perceive comparable answers by finding the equivalent words of the answers utilized in the appropriate response.

The framework will likewise give manual superseded highlight where in the educator can physically check or update the outcome for a test. The framework will likewise have the ability to continue the examination from the last spare point, i.e., a student can stop the examination in the center and can begin again at some other time. At the point when the candidate will begin a similar examination once more, the test will begin from a similar point where it was halted.

Training system in India 

The proper training framework in India is multi-layered with 1.5 million schools and in excess of 260 million enrolments every year with more than 51,649 universities and 993 colleges (2018-19) obliging 27.5M under-graduates and 4M post-graduate students. To the extent online instruction goes, tests are additionally bifurcated into: 

Serious test planning 

These online projects are planned for instructing the students (principally level 2 and level 3 urban communities) for serious tests in designing, medication, law, finance, government division, and so on. 

Re-skilling and online accreditation 

These online courses and online evaluations are focused towards working experts. They help clients in expertise upgrade, capability improvement and competency advancement through online confirmation. 

Focal points of online examination: 

Straightforward entry 

With access to internet-based examination in India has almost significantly increased the distance training enlistments. Students can show up for serious tests from their homes without the additional worry of test lobbies and traveling. 

Sets aside time and cash 

At the point when tests are leading on the web platforms, instructive foundations save money on printing costs, co-ordinations, and the expenses of employing nearby proctors. Naturally evaluated MCQ online examinations are incredibly advantageous and spare time. Besides, online evaluations permit the possibility to save money on traveling time. 

Lessens the danger of test cheating

With legitimate proctoring approaches set up, online tests can be made cheat-free. The danger of impersonation and identity fraud can be extraordinarily decreased with web-based proctoring programming. 

Disadvantages of online examinations: 

Helpless to misrepresentation 

As referenced above, online examinations can be entirely powerless to impersonation and cheating. Without a physical administrator, students can cheat during these examinations. 

Can’t oblige all test modes

Online tests are frequently confined to MCQ, which can be wasteful in surveying a student’s mastery level. Tests as discussions, papers, case-based inquiries and oral tests (if there should arise an occurrence of vivas or meetings) are hard to lead on the web. 

Be that as it may, you can consider utilizing a web-based proctored exam and a testing platform like Mettl. It encourages secure online tests through consistent character confirmation, in this manner alleviating test cheating. Mettl’s online examination lets you lead tests in different structures like MCQs, True/False inquiries, dropdown questions, Open-finished inquiries, Rating scale questions, Coding test systems, and even video tests. 


While online tests remain imperfect, the advantages unquestionably eclipse the cons. In an ever-developing training situation, online tests, and e-examinations are at the focal point. All things considered, it very well may be an integral asset to teach students from differing foundations and areas.