Our New design is Up, What do You Think?

So, we finally switched to a new version of design created by Sol Orior. dot com and coded by Sramek Design dot com (see credit links at the footer).  I had a really great job done by Tomas from Sramek design, my PSD was converted to WP in no time, so if you need coding services, I really recommend this one. What are the advantages of the new design? First of all, LESS ads. No ads at the bottom of the post, cleaner and better user experience was my top priority.

Secondly, cleaner design, cleaner sidebar. With like I said, less ads and less unneeded links at the sidebar, we now have a clean, mostly dedicated to banners sidebar which allows easier navigation without visitors confusing partners’ links with internal links. Another good change is enabling threaded comments, readers can reply to each other or I can comment and answer a question of a particular person without getting lost in posts that have a lot of responses.

Other things we added:

  • Re-Tweet button at the top of each post.
  • Top navigation with drop down menu and a nice Ajax effect.
  • Advertise Page is now fully automated.

Last but not least, the blog will now be much more frequently updated, so you will find plenty of new, useful content for you!

The design is not fully finished, so I am still working on little tweaks here and there, however, I was so eager to pull the new outfit on my blog so I couldn’t wait. If you find any bugs and problems, please leave a comment so i will look into it. Anyway, what do you think about the new look?

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