Plumber Marketing Ideas To Consider

Plumber Marketing Ideas To Consider

In the past, plumbers did not need to have an online presence. Nowadays, this is absolutely mandatory. Every single serious plumbing business needs a strong online presence. Online marketing is something that should not be neglected by plumbers. 

There are countless plumber marketing ideas to consider but the following are particularly useful and should be used. 

Focus On Local SEO

When operating any plumbing business, there is a specific area of service, like in a state or in a city. This is where local SEO is very important. For instance, a plumber that operates in the Mornington peninsula needs to rank for a search term like “plumbers Mornington peninsula”. 

Local SEO is all about ranking high in search engine results when a person in the area of service looks for the services that you offer. 

There are numerous things that can be done in order to increase the possibility or ranking higher in the local search engine results. This includes submitting the website to local plumbing directories and using geotags in a strategic way. 

Optimize The Website

Plumbing websites are very important as they can generate huge business for the service provider. The site needs to look professional and modern. Use the services of a professional that has experience with plumbing websites. 

The plumbing site has to include contact information and feature details about the team, together with photographs from the work that was done in the past. Practically, the site acts like a digital business card that anyone can see. 

Create And Maintain A Plumbing Blog

It is nowadays a common practice to have a company blog. This is also the case with plumbing sites. The problem is that most plumbers do not actually update the blog once it is created. This is a huge mistake. 

By creating and maintaining a plumbing blog you constantly increase industry reputation. At the same time, if the blog is constantly updated, it shows Google that the resource is important. This actually helps get higher rankings in the long run. 

Consider PPC Marketing

PPC stands for pay per click, which practically implies that you buy advertising. You get direct traffic to your site and can get instant clients. 

The problem with this marketing strategy is that it requires a large upfront investment. Also, you do not have the certainty that it will work, unless the person that creates the PPC campaign is experienced. 

One of the best options available at the moment is to use Facebook Ads. This is because most people spend time on the social network and you can reach people that actually need the services you offer. 

Online Plumbing Forums

Last but not least, a great way to promote your plumbing business is to be really active in an online plumbing forum. These advice forums allow you to talk with numerous people that would need the services that you offer. 

The goal with such a strategy is to offer valuable information to the members. You do not want to blindly promote your services. When you do this, you stand out as a member that just wants some business, as opposed to someone that genuinely wants to help.