Posting on Facebook: Top 3 Tips For Beginners

Posting on Facebook: Top 3 Tips For Beginners -

With more than 1 billion users, Facebook is still the most used social network in the world. Thanks to Facebook, it is possible to reach an audience that you otherwise, for example through traditional media can not access as easily. This is done for example by placing posts, messages with which you approach your target audience. It is not always easy to make a good Facebook Post. Please read these three tips to create a successful Facebook Post.

1. Make use of interesting photos, videos and links

That sounds obvious. Of course you will not post ‘boring’ messages. But how is it that your message gets interesting little likes? It is first important to see who your target audience is actually well. Facebook can easily understand that giving through the statistics. See for example, what the age, gender and interests of your followers and make sure that the content you post adjusted accordingly.

In addition there are a number of aspects that contribute to it, which you might not be so quickly would think. So pictures link have more success than just a photograph. So try to add a link if possible. Place in a video is not the YouTube link. Most people might think that this does not matter, but it’s much more effective to upload a video directly. Below is an example of a directly uploaded video from the BBC.

Do you use Instagram? Make sure you also automatically places the pictures on your Facebook Timeline. If your pictures are posted on Instagram by Facebook, they get up to 23 percent more likes, shares and comments than photos that are placed directly on Facebook.

2. Not every post has to be advertised

Companies are often inclined only to promote their own services and products. Do not! People are daily exposed to commercials. Therefore, make sure that there is a good balance between the promotion of products and services and content that may be useful to your target audience. Below is an example where the post tends too much toward advertising.

A post in which it is going well, there’s cool blue one. They combine product sales well in their Facebook post. Indeed, they demonstrate why it is useful for the customer to visit their website.

Posting on Facebook: Top 3 Tips For Beginners - 3. Timing: choose the best day & time to post

Not only is the quality of the content is important, but also the timing. The number of likes, shares and comments These also depends a lot on the day and time that you put your message. Consider for the competition. Not only from other companies but also from friends, family and Facebook Groups. Facebook may include only a limited number of messages to show on a person’s timeline. As many businesses and other Facebook users at the same time placed a message, the chances of having your message is small.

Buzz Sumo analyzed 1 billion Facebook posts and came to the conclusion that you can place the best messages between 19:00 and 23:00. fewer messages will be published around this time and so is the chance that your message is read considerably larger. But besides the competition, it is also wise to keep an eye on a different aspect. And that’s the target. Facebook has the ability to view statistics about when your followers are online. It is best therefore to weigh when your followers are most online and when least posted by competitors.

When posting a Facebook post is so good that the content matches the target. You must find a balance between the promotion of products and useful content. Not only quality but also timing is important. Good luck!