Publishing your tutorials for maximum exposure

After you have finished making a tutorial, made sure it’s original, interesting and worth massive exposure, all you need to do is to submit to the major tutorials databases and enjoy massive traffic.

Don’t forget that in order to be accepted in most databases, you need:

  1. To host the images / illustrations on your own server, or on the same server the tutorial is posted on (such as DeviantArt). Hosting images elsewhere or on free servers will result in declining your tutorial.
  2. You have to provide a thumbnail of your tutorial (small preview) 40*40, 45*45 or 50*50 dimensions, depending on the website you are submitting it to.
  3. The tutorial should be ground breaking. If they already have something similar in their database – you will be declined.

So, getting started. Where to submit?

  • – PR7 – will send you massive traffic, though it’s very hard to be accepted. This is the only database site who demands a preview image .jpg format (optimized, below 5k).
  • – PR7 – will also generate massive traffic for your site, though visitors will see tutorialized’s frame above your site (on which they will be able to rate your tutorials).
  • – PR6 – large database of tutorials of all kind, the only website who will notify you by email regarding every tutorial you submit weather it was accepted or not, and provide a reason, if declined.
  • – PR6 – one of my top 25 traffic generators, though the only inconvinience is that the thumbnail has to be 45*45.
  • – PR4 – not much traffic will be generated in total, but easy listing.
  • – PR 0 – another newly born database, no much traffic but easy listing as well.
  • – PR 4 – despite the average traffic generated, I like this database, it’s cosy and not hard to get though.
  • – PR 5 – the traffic they will send you is small though you easily get a backlink on a PR5 website.
  • – PR 6 – Very had to be accepted, only exclusve tutorials will be listed, however, don’t be sad if your tutorial was not appreciated by tutorialkit’s editors, the traffic they deliver is measly (a few clicks a day).
  • – PR 0 – Easy and fast listing, though as a rather new database they will not be very benificial for your overall site’s ranking nor traffic.
  • – PR 5 – Not the kind of traffic you will feel in your stats, but I’d recommend to submit anyway, this site’s pages are very well indexed in Google.
  • – PR 5 – Again, this site maybe will not send you too many visitors, but PR5 free backlink worth it.
  • – PR 0 – excellent database that provides a fast submission, not a lot of traffic, though the site is getting gradually promoted.
  • – PR 0 – comprehensive database with easy listing that will deliver avarage-size traffic to your website.

That’s about it I think. You can also try listing your website in and .

Even though some websites, as I said, generate small traffic and little exposure, if you take the time to submit all your tutorials to each of them, alltogether you will gather a good amount of daily visits and a successful submission to all of them (means if they all have accepted your tutorials) can guarantee you a steady traffic of a few thousands of unique visitors daily. Good luck!

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