Purchase Sales And Stock Software Free Download For Pc – Is it Worth It? My Experience

purchase sales and stock software free download for pc

Are you a small business owner wanting to make inventory easier to manage? You might have thought about using free software for this. But, is the free stuff worth it? I’ll tell you what I think after trying it out.

It’s surprising! Small businesses around the world lose a lot of money because of inventory problems. This number is as high as $1.75 trillion. This shows why even small businesses should worry about inventory. Let’s see if free software can be a good solution.

Key Takeaways:

  • Free purchase sales and stock software for PC offers essential features for inventory management.
  • Small businesses lose an estimated $1.75 trillion due to inventory management issues.
  • Choosing the right inventory management system is crucial for optimizing stock levels and preventing stockouts.
  • The article will review the best free inventory management software options for PC.
  • Limited functionality, user restrictions, and integration limitations are important factors to consider when choosing a free inventory management software.

The Importance of Inventory Management for Small Businesses

Inventory management is key for small businesses to succeed. It entails tracking products and tools. It also involves managing assets all along the supply chain. Effective management optimizes stock, prevents shortages, and boosts efficiency.

For small entities, choosing special stock software is wise. They need an affordable solution. It should offer complete tracking features without a huge cost. This is where free software for stock tracking becomes crucial.

Free stock tracking tools lay the foundation for managing inventory cost-effectively. They offer abilities like real-time updates, alerts on low stock, and automated reports. This lets small business owners control their inventory better.

Stock software helps companies stay organized. It reduces the chance of having too much or too little stock. Entrepreneurs can avoid unexpected costs from shortages or expired items. Plus, the software often gives data to make smarter choices.

Choosing free stock tracking software goes beyond saving money. It makes daily work easier, like making orders, handling deliveries, and dealing with suppliers. The software is user-friendly, helping teams adapt quickly and use it effectively.

Effective inventory management is the key to success for small businesses. With the right stock management software, business owners can optimize their inventory, improve efficiency, and drive growth.

Also, free inventory software can work with other tools. It syncs well with cash registers, account software, or online shops. This stops manual input and keeps inventory data consistent, saving time and reducing mistakes.

In conclusion, small businesses greatly benefit from stock management software. It helps keep the right stock, avoid shortages, and run more smoothly. Free inventory software gives the needed tools without extra costs. This way, small businesses can handle their supplies better, run more efficiently, and pave the way for success.

The Benefits of Using Free Purchase Sales and Stock Software for PC

As a small business owner, I found out the many perks of using free purchase sales and stock software. This kind of software makes operations smoother. It also boosts efficiency and makes customers happier. Let’s take a closer look at the advantages.

Real-Time Tracking

This free software lets you keep an eye on your stock levels anytime. You can see what’s available, spot the missing items, and avoid running out. By always having the latest info, you can handle your inventory better.

Inventory Counts Made Easy

No more manual counting of items! This software makes counting your stock a breeze with automated updates. Say goodbye to mistakes and hello to accurate records. Your stock levels get updated automatically with each sale, new shipment, or stock adjustment.

Efficient Barcode Scanning

Scanning barcodes changes the inventory game. With this software, you can scan instead of typing data in by hand. This approach not only saves time but also reduces errors. So, your inventory stays correct at all times.

Basic Reporting Capabilities

Even though this software doesn’t do everything, it does offer some reporting features. You can check on your stock, sales, and more with these reports. Such insights let you build a data-focused strategy and find ways to do better.

Cloud-Based Functionality

Most of this software runs on the cloud. That means you can always see your inventory data when connected to the internet. It’s perfect for checking on things when you’re away from the office or working from home.

User-Friendly Interfaces

The easy-to-use interface stands out as a major plus. Whether you’re a tech whiz or not, you’ll find these software solutions simple to use. No need for special skills to get the most out of them.

“Free purchase sales and stock software for PC provides real-time tracking, barcode scanning, and basic reporting, making inventory management a breeze for small businesses.”

Using this free software helps you manage your inventory better and run your business more smoothly. Thanks to their easy set-up and important features, these solutions are great for small businesses.

Top Free Inventory Management Software Options

While reviewing, I came across many free inventory management tools for PC. The top picks are Odoo, Square, Zoho Inventory, Sortly, SalesBinder, and ABC Inventory. They offer special tools for various business types. And the best part? They are all free to download.

  • Odoo: Odoo comes with a full set of features. It includes real-time tracking, inventory counts, barcode scanning, and more. It fits well for businesses of any size.
  • Square: Square is great for retail shops and restaurants. It tracks inventory in real time, scans barcodes, and handles unlimited items. Plus, it works seamlessly with its own point-of-sale system.
  • Zoho Inventory: Zoho is ideal for businesses with a lot of stock. It tracks inventory in real time and scans barcodes. Other features include creating bundles, setting reorder points, and detailed reports. It’s also easy to sell on different online platforms because it integrates well.
  • Sortly: Sortly is perfect for getting organized with a free inventory app. It has barcoding, an easy interface, and QR code scanning. You can upgrade for more features, like custom fields, and still handle unlimited items.
  • SalesBinder: SalesBinder targets small companies that operate globally. It keeps track of inventory in different places. Key features include real-time tracking, barcode scanning, and managing customers. It also offers a mobile app for Apple devices.
  • ABC Inventory: ABC Inventory suits makers and fix-it shops. It lets you name and categorize stock items and fill orders. Among its perks is supporting many warehouses and making it easy to move stock. It really meets the needs of these types of businesses.

These software picks are packed with features to make managing your inventory smoother. Pick the one that matches your business needs and improve your inventory tasks right away.

Odoo – Best Overall Free Inventory Management Software

Odoo is the top pick for free inventory management software. It’s great for small and big businesses alike. With its many features and easy-to-use design, Odoo is a trusted choice.

It lets you track your inventory in real time. So, you always know how much you have. This helps prevent running out of stock when you need it. You can also do inventory counts to keep your items well organized.

With Odoo, scanning barcodes is simple. It makes finding and tracking items easier. This cuts down on mistakes and makes managing inventory smoother. It saves a lot of time, too.

Odoo also gives you basic reports on your stock and sales. These reports tell you how your inventory is doing. They help you spot places to make things better.

Odoo makes handling customer orders a breeze. You can keep an eye on orders and keep customers updated on shipping. It makes customer service better by ensuring orders get there on time.

Customizing Odoo to fit your business is easy. You can tweak the software to do what you need. This is good news for startups to big companies. You can change fields, workflows, and reports.

Overall, Odoo is a strong choice for managing inventory. It’s packed with features and easy to use. Plus, you can make it work just right for your business.

If you’re starting a business or already have one, try Odoo. It can help you work smoother. Give it a go and see the difference it makes for you.

Square – Best for Retailers and Restaurants

Square is a top pick for shops and eateries. It has tools for handling inventory, tailored for retailers. With Square, you can track and manage stock easily. This ensures you always have what your customers want.

Square’s inventory system has a cool feature: real-time tracking. It shows you what stock you’ve got and changes instantly. This lets you be on top of your inventory. You can make smart decisions about what to reorder and restock.

Another great thing about Square is that it lets you use barcode scanning. This makes updating inventory fast and cuts down on mistakes. It simplifies inventory work and saves you time and hassle.

Square lets you have as many items as you need. This is great for shops and restaurants with a lot to offer. From a small boutique to a big eatery, you can manage your inventory easily.

The system works smoothly with Square’s point-of-sale. This means any purchase updates your inventory automatically. You won’t have to make manual stock changes. This lowers the chance of selling what you don’t have or running out of stock.

Square inventory management software

Key Features of Square’s Inventory Management Software:

  • Real-time tracking of inventory levels
  • Barcode scanning for quick and accurate updates
  • Unlimited items to accommodate varying product ranges
  • Seamless integration with Square’s point-of-sale system

Zoho Inventory – Best for Large Inventories

Zoho Inventory is great for managing big stocks. It has a lot of tools to make handling stock easier and more efficient. This software stands out from the rest.

Using Zoho Inventory, you always know how much stock you have. This means you avoid running out of products. You can fill orders on time and keep your customers happy.

It’s simple to keep track with this software. You can count your inventory regularly. Any differences can be easily fixed. Also, you can scan barcodes to update the stock without mistakes.

This software is perfect for businesses with lots of items. It supports an unlimited number of products. So, you can manage as many items as you need to, without worry.

But that’s not all it does. Zoho Inventory offers more to help businesses with big inventories. For example, you can group items together. That makes it easier to sell and track complex products.

You can also set points for when to reorder items automatically. This way, you never run short on the most important products. Plus, the software lets you analyze your stock and sales.

This software also connects well with online shops like Amazon and eBay. It helps keep all your stock info up to date in one place. So, you don’t have to manually update each sales platform.

When it’s about managing lots of stocks, Zoho Inventory is the top pick. Its many features, ability to handle endless items, and link to online shops make it ideal. Businesses can make their stock operations smoother with this software.

Sortly – Best Free Inventory App with Barcoding and Scanning

Sortly wins the title for the best free inventory app with barcoding and scanning. Its simple design makes sorting your inventory a breeze. You can use QR and barcode scanning to immediately find and catalog items.

The offline mode is a standout feature in Sortly. It lets you manage your inventory even without the internet. This is great for businesses in remote areas or with spotty connections.

Sortly’s free version does limit how many items you can monitor. But, you can unlock more benefits by switching to the premium plan. The premium version brings customizable fields, tracking unlimited items, and better reporting.

For an inventory app that’s both easy to use and doesn’t cost a lot, Sortly is a top pick. It’s great for both small and large businesses because of its scanning features and intuitive design.

Sortly Key Features:

  • QR and barcode scanning for quick item identification
  • Offline mode functionality for uninterrupted access to inventory data
  • Upgrade options for additional features like customizable fields and unlimited items

Sortly Limitations:

  • Free version has a limit on the number of items that can be tracked
  • Advanced features are only available with the premium plan
Sortly Free Version Premium Version
Features Basic Upgradable Full Suite
Item Tracking Limited Unlimited Unlimited
Customizable Fields No Yes Yes
Reporting Basic Enhanced Enhanced

SalesBinder – Best for Small International Businesses

SalesBinder is perfect for small international businesses. It offers features that make handling inventory easy. This software is designed to work across the globe, tracking inventory in various locations.

One major benefit is its real-time tracking. This means you always know how much stock you have, even if it’s on the move. It keeps you updated on your inventory levels at all times.

Counting inventory is a breeze with SalesBinder. Using its user-friendly interface, businesses can easily take and update stock counts. This helps to make sure inventory is accurate, reduce stockouts, and replenish stock on time.

Adding barcode scanning makes managing inventory even smoother. You can scan items to track them quickly, lowering mistakes and boosting accuracy in your records.

For managing customer relationships, SalesBinder has CRM tools. This lets you link customer data with your inventory. It helps offer personalized services, understand what customers like, and ultimately make more people happy.

Take your inventory management with you, with a mobile app for iOS. It’s great for businesses with sales teams that are always on the move. This way, you can update your inventory wherever you are.

It also works well with shipping companies, making sending out products easier. Linking your inventory to shipping labels ensures smooth deliveries. This way, you manage your orders without hustle.

SalesBinder is all about helping small international businesses succeed. It mixes real-time tracking, easy inventory counts, simple barcode scanning, and smart CRM. This lets businesses run more smoothly, work more effectively, and keep customers satisfied.

Here’s a fast look at what SalesBinder can do:

Key Features
Real-time tracking
Inventory counts
Barcode scanning
CRM functionalities
Mobile inventory app for iOS
Integration with shipping carriers

SalesBinder inventory management software

Feel the impact SalesBinder can have on your business’s inventory management today!

ABC Inventory – Best for Manufacturing and Repair Shops

ABC Inventory is the top pick for manufacturing and repair shops needing inventory management software. It offers strong features and solutions that perfectly fit these industries. This software helps them manage their inventory efficiently.

Advanced Inventory Management

This software has advanced tools for manufacturing and repair businesses. One cool feature lets you rename items. This way, you can keep track of each item as you need to.

It also lets you categorize items. You can sort items by type, who made them, or where they are kept. This makes your inventory neat and easy to find when you need something.

Order Fulfillment and Multiple Warehouses

ABC Inventory is great at managing orders. It helps businesses create and watch over purchase orders easily. This makes sure they always have enough stock, avoiding interruptions in their work.

The software also supports managing inventory in different locations. This is perfect for shops with more than one storage area. It helps them keep track of everything, no matter where it’s stored.

Customizable and Tailored to Business Needs

One big plus with ABC Inventory is how customizable it is. Businesses can tweak it to fit their own workflows and needs. This could mean adding new fields, setting up unique management processes, or linking it with other tools.


ABC Inventory stands out with its features. It makes handling inventory, fulfilling orders, and tailoring to your business a breeze. With ABC Inventory, shops can be more efficient. This lets them spend more time on making their products and services great.

The Limitations of Free Inventory Management Software

Free inventory management software is great for small businesses. But, it has some downsides to be aware of. Knowing these limits will let you pick the best software for your needs.

For instance, it might limit how many people can access it. This can be tough if your team all needs to use it.

It can also restrict how many orders you can handle. If your business gets a lot of orders, this might not work well for you.

Plus, free software might not connect well with other systems you use. Making everything work together smoothly can be harder without good integration options.

So, think about what your business really needs in software. If the free options don’t meet those needs, you might want to invest in something more flexible. Something that can grow with your business.

To show how these limits look, check out this table:

Limitations Description
Restricted number of users Many free inventory software cuts how many users can log in.
Cap on sales orders and purchase orders They also limit how many orders you can handle.
Limited integration options Integrating the software with other tools might be hard or impossible.

Being aware of these limits is crucial for making a smart choice. It ensures you get the right inventory management software for your business.


In conclusion, free inventory software for PC can greatly help small businesses. It offers key tools like live tracking, inventory counting, and scanning barcodes. These tools allow businesses to run more smoothly and boost their efficiency.

Yet, it’s crucial to know about the limits of free inventory software. It might restrict how many people can use it or the number of orders you can enter. Plus, it might not connect well with other types of business software. So, you must carefully think about what your business truly needs.

While free inventory software saves money, it might not do everything a paid version can. If your business has complicated inventory needs, you might want to invest in a more advanced system.

So, using free stock management software can be a big help for small stocks. But, it’s key to think through your options and pick what’s best for your business. This could be free software, or you might decide to pay for something more advanced. Either way, having a good system in place will help your business grow.


Is free purchase sales and stock software for PC worth it?

Absolutely, yes. Free purchase sales and stock software for PC can help small businesses a lot. It makes things run smoother, cuts down on mistakes, and saves money on managing stocks.

Why is inventory management important for small businesses?

Keeping a close eye on inventory is key for small businesses. It makes sure you always have enough stock, avoid running out, and run more efficiently. This helps keep track of everything from making to selling your goods.

What are the benefits of using free purchase sales and stock software for PC?

This type of software offers some top-notch benefits. You get to see stock in real-time, count inventory easily, use barcodes, and create simple reports. All these ease how you work, cut errors, and make customers happier. Plus, it’s easy to use and runs on the cloud.

What are the top free inventory management software options for PC?

Some of the best options out there are Odoo, Square, Zoho Inventory, Sortly, SalesBinder, and ABC Inventory. Each comes with its unique set of tools and is geared towards different business types.

Is Odoo the best overall free inventory management software?

Indeed, Odoo shines as the best free inventory management software overall. It’s packed with features for tracking in real-time, doing inventory counts, scanning barcodes, and more. It’s even got tools for handling shipping info for your customers.

Is Square the best choice for retailers and restaurants?

For sure, Square is a top pick for businesses in retail or restaurants. It has solid inventory tools made just for these sectors. You can keep an eye on stock as it moves in real-time, scan barcodes, and it’s all part of a smooth point-of-sale system.

Is Zoho Inventory the best option for businesses with large inventories?

Yes, Zoho Inventory stands out for businesses with lots of stock. It has the essentials like real-time updates, easy counting, barcode scanning, and it doesn’t limit the number of items you can track. What’s more, you can bundle items, set automatic reorder points, and create useful inventory reports.

Is Sortly the top choice for businesses looking for a free inventory app with barcoding and scanning capabilities?

Exactly, Sortly is a fantastic pick for anyone needing good inventory tracking with barcodes and scans for free. It’s user-friendly, and you can even work offline.

Is SalesBinder the best option for small international businesses?

Indeed, SalesBinder is excellent for international business, making it easy to keep tabs on stock in more than one place. It offers tools like live inventory updates, easy counting, scanning barcodes, and CRM functions.

Is ABC Inventory a great choice for manufacturing and repair shops?

Without a doubt, ABC Inventory serves well in manufacturing and repair. It brings features such as naming and categorizing items as you like. Plus, it deals with warehouse counts and moves stock around as you need.

Are there limitations to using free inventory management software?

Yes, free software does have its limits. It might cap user or order amounts and could restrict certain connections. When picking free inventory tools, consider these limits to ensure they don’t affect your business too much.

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