Quillbot Honest Review: AI Tool That Rewrites Content & Passes AI Check

Quillbot Honest Review: AI Tool That Rewrites Content & Passes AI Check

Ah, Quill Bot, the savior of all those who struggles to write with originality! With its clever algorithm and cunning coding, this tool has come to rescue the hapless souls who are stuck in a quagmire of unoriginality.

Now, you can say goodbye to all those sleepless nights spent worrying about plagiarism detection, for Quill Bot is here to rewrite your content in such a way that even the most astute AI writing tools will be fooled!

But let us not forget the true essence of writing – creativity, and imagination. With Quill Bot, you can say goodbye to those tiresome exercises in creativity and, instead, simply rely on its ability to rehash your work and spit it back out in a shiny new package.

Gone are the days of struggling to find the perfect words to express yourself, for Quill Bot will do that for you. And gone are the days of struggling to come up with original ideas, for Quill Bot will simply regurgitate what has already been said.

Do you need a device to rewrite, paraphrase, or summarize existing web content?

Quillbot is an option that can help you save time while creating content by remodeling sentences and paragraphs. Read our review of Quillbot and the various functions it offers. 

Quillbot is a paraphrasing tool with machine learning AI that rewards content to avoid Copyscape and plagiarism checks.

This tool makes it simple to reword articles and is used by a large number of people all over the world.

Artificial intelligence has transformed humanity, enabling companies to increase efficiency, reduce costs, and strengthen their businesses in various ways. Still, in 2023, it is not without its flaws.

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What is QuillBot?

Quillbot is an AI tool that promises to transform your writing from ordinary to extraordinary in just a few clicks. But, does it live up to the hype? As a language model, I decided to put Quillbot through its paces and provide an unbiased review of this rewriter tool.

First and foremost, let us discuss what Quillbot actually does. It’s essentially an AI-powered writing tool that can rewrite your existing text in a variety of ways to make it more original and engaging. It also has a feature that compares your writing to other web content to help you avoid plagiarism. Thus far, so good.

But here’s the thing: while Quillbot can help you improve the uniqueness and readability of your writing, it’s not a magic wand that will transform you into a master wordsmith overnight. In fact, some of Quillbot’s rewrites can be downright bizarre or nonsensical.

For instance, I decided to put Quillbot to the test by giving it the following sentence to rewrite: “The quick brown fox jumped over the lazy dog.” Quillbot came up with the following:

"The hasty brown fox hopped over the lethargic dog."
"The speedy brown fox leaped over the indolent dog."
"The brisk brown fox bounded over the sluggish dog."

While these rewrites are clearly distinct from the original sentence, are they truly superior? They sound awkward and forced to me, as if Quillbot was trying too hard to be creative.

Having said that, Quillbot can be a useful tool if you’re looking for inspiration or simply want to change up your writing style. Just be prepared to do some editing and tweaking to ensure that the rewrites make sense and convey the message you’re attempting to convey.

Another thing to keep in mind is that while Quillbot can help you avoid plagiarism, it is not perfect. It is still your responsibility to ensure that your writing is unique and does not violate anyone else’s intellectual property.

To summarize, Quillbot can be a useful tool for improving your writing, but it is not a replacement for traditional editing and revision. While it can assist you in avoiding plagiarism, it is not a panacea; you must still ensure that your writing is truly unique.

Overall, I’d say Quillbot is a fun and interesting tool to experiment with, but don’t expect it to turn you into the next Shakespeare in an instant. If you do decide to use it, use your own discretion and double-check your writing to ensure that it still makes sense and clearly conveys your message.

Do You Need Quill Bot?

With Quill Bot, you no longer have to waste your precious brain cells on writing – leave that to the machines. 

Why bother with creativity and originality when you can have a bot do it for you?

Gone are the days of struggling to come up with ideas and phrasing, for Quill Bot will do all the heavy lifting. Who needs to spend hours crafting the perfect sentence when you can simply click a button and have a pre-written one pop up?

And don’t worry about pesky things like plagiarism – Quill Bot has got you covered! Its clever algorithm will ensure that your work is unique, even if it’s just a rehash of what’s already out there.

Pros and Cons of Quillbot

Here’s a table with some potential pros and cons of using AI software to write content:

Can increase efficiency and save timeCan produce generic, impersonal content
Can help avoid writer’s blockCan lead to reliance on automation rather than skill
Can improve readability and grammarMay not be able to capture the nuances of a topic or subject
Can assist with research and fact-checkingMay not be able to capture nuances of a topic or subject
Can provide a fresh perspectiveCan be expensive or require technical expertise
Can help with SEO optimizationCan lead to plagiarism or lack of originality
Can reduce costs for content creationCan be limited in terms of creativity and flexibility

It’s important to note that these are general potential pros and cons, and the actual experience of using AI software for content creation will depend on the specific tool and how it’s used. Additionally, what may be a pro for one person or situation may be a con for another, so it’s important to carefully consider the benefits and drawbacks before deciding whether to use an AI writing tool.

Various Quillbot Paraphrasing Modes

The following sections will go over the various types of rewording settings that Quillbot offers on its device:


This input is a compromise for changing the text you get while retaining the original definition. As a result, the conventional mode should be the most commonly used Quillbot mode.


The fluency setting is typically used to correct grammatical and spelling errors. Most changes are minor, and they will not affect many of the original words/sentences you enter.


This mode will undoubtedly transform your web content the most, but it is also more likely to make mistakes because it is transforming so much.


Innovative+ mode takes Innovative mode a step further and will certainly alter the initial intent of your sentences more than the other setting options.


The formal mode will change your material to appear more defined, allowing you to come across as a more sophisticated or expert manner.


If you want to condense your content, the reduce option will undoubtedly try to convey the significance of your content most concisely or clearly possible.

Mode of Expansion

Finally, the expanded setting will add even more information as well as depth to your sentence length.

Summarization Mode

Quillbot’s summarizer option is commonly used for condensing articles/papers/documents into a short paragraph, capturing the most important information while retaining the original context of the web content.

There are two types of summarization: trick sentences and paragraphs.

Trick Sentences will reveal one of the most important sentences in the content, whereas paragraph mode combines elements of summarizing and paraphrasing to help clarify key points in the text.

This mode is useful for summarizing news articles and research papers. You can either manually enter the text into Quillbot or drag and drop a file into Quillbot, and it will sum it up.

Compare Options

If you’re not sure which setting is best for your rephrasing, you can use contrast mode, which will show you side-by-side the kinds of changes that will occur between all of Quillbot’s settings.

Flip the Word

If you want to change up your wording, Quillbot allows you to specify how much you want your words to be turned. To help prevent replication, the device can switch up your sentences and replace common words with synonyms.

Note that the fewer words you ask Quillbot to flip, the more precise the results will be; conversely, if you ask Quillbot to flip a larger number of words, the results may become less precise.

Frozen Words

Are there any words that you do not want to be changed? Quillbot allows you to specify which words must remain unchanged when rephrasing your content.


Last but not least, Quillbot provides information on your original material versus what has been reworded using its tool. It demonstrates:

  • Adjustments to the average number of words in a sentence Adjustments to the average number of syllables in a word
  • Adjustments to the readability score (using the Flesch convenience formula)
  • Differences in sentence matter
  • Distinctions in word count
  • The percentage of content that has been transformed and the longest unmodified words

Paid vs. Free Quillbot Version

While you can use Quillbot for free, there are some advantages to using the premium version.

In the free version, you can only reword or modify a few sentences at a time, and there is a character limit for the number of rewards you can perform.

The premium version removes this restriction and also allows you to edit larger blocks of text (approximately 10,000 characters), as well as offers a lot more settings for rewording your content.

Their annual membership costs $80 per year, and they provide a three-day money-back guarantee if you are dissatisfied with the price difference.

Here’s a breakdown of the differences in features between the free and premium versions of Quillbot:


  • 5000 Character Limitation for Summarizer
  • There is a character limit of 700.
  • Two sentences are processed concurrently.
  • 3 Word Fin substitutes
  • 3 Writing Styles
  • Google Chrome and Google Docs Extensions

Quillbot Plus ($8/mo):

  • The Summarizer character limit is 25000.
  • The character limit is set at 10000.
  • 15 Sentences processed simultaneously 4 Word Find alternatives
  • 7 Writing Styles
  •  Words and expressions can be frozen.
  •  Contrast Options (Only on Desktop)
  • Words that have remained unchanged the longest
  • Google Chrome and Google Docs Extensions

Expansion of the Quillbot

Quillbot provides Google Chrome, Google Docs, and Microsoft Word extensions, allowing you to reword content without having to enter the tool on their website.

Should I Use Quillbot to Reword My Website Content?

Quillbot is an excellent paraphrasing tool. I’ve tried a few different ones and found Quillbot to be the best at rephrasing web content to make it unique and avoid plagiarism/duplication of existing material.

The majority of material spinners or rewriter devices rely on simply replacing words with common basic synonyms, which can cause your sentences to read incorrectly or otherwise make sense.

Quillbot takes sentences and uses artificial intelligence to revise them for consistency and originality.

However, you will still need to do some editing and ensure that your material is polished before posting it to your website or writing your article.

It’s also best to only include a few paragraphs at a time, rather than entire articles, to ensure that the original intent is maintained and that each sentence is rephrased normally.

Examine it out- I’d love to hear your thoughts on the tool!

Testimonial Rating: 5/5 Alternatives to Quillbot

Other Quillbot Alternatives

Since we’ve gone over the various settings you can use to reword your material in Quillbot, let’s take a look at some of the tool’s other features.

If you’re not satisfied with Quillbot, here’s a list of some other good options to consider:



So why bother with the hard work of writing when you can just sit back and let Quill Bot do it for you? Who needs to develop their own skills when you can just rely on technology to do everything? Embrace the laziness, my friends, and let Quill Bot be your savior!