Referral Marketing: How To Grow Your Ecommerce Brand

Do you want to know why you should employ brand referral? These referral marketing examples can help you understand how to boost your eCommerce revenues.

referral marketing is a developing marketing concept that will assist you in reaching your target market. While there are many variations, at its core, referral marketing is marketing your products through the channels and networks of another person.

It is a common option among eCommerce brands. referrals are quite adept at writing and developing video content, both of which appeal to the eCommerce audience.

This works well for brands that employ referral marketing since it is cost-effective, timesaving, low-risk, and enhances brand exposure and traffic.

This post will walk you through some referral marketing examples that will help you increase brand awareness and sales. Please let us know if they influence your plan to use referral marketing.

Being picky about referrals

When launching an referral marketing campaign, the most crucial factor in selecting the right referral. If you don’t, your efforts will be in vain.

With such enormous referral networks at your disposal, your brand sifts through the noise and finds the people who represent the target demographic you seek.

The idea is to get your brand in front of the people who are most inclined to buy your products. It would be pointless for an referral who specializes in fitness to promote a nearby fast-food restaurant. It would be a flop with their target audience.

Choose networks and individuals who have a natural relationship with their audience. Take advantage of the fact that their audience is active in the industry in which your brand operates. Keep in mind that quality trumps quantity (cliches I know).

Don’t bother staying. You have the option to be picky if conversions are low.

Enhancing SEO

Improving your SEO is an example of referral marketing that will boost your organic exposure.

Google likes valuable content and rewards brands that contribute with higher search rankings. The fundamental issue is that many eCommerce businesses do not have the time or resources to spend on high-quality content.

your newfound passion for referral marketing will come in handy here. Brand referrals are good writers and creators of video content. If you have a strong relationship, you will share ideas with your referrals that are in line with your brand’s vision.

Your organic search score should improve because there are more backlinks directing people to your site. You should take advantage of the opportunity to have your name appear on other domains, as they may rank higher than yours.

Making use of coupon sites

The use of discounts is another excellent referral marketing example. Not the ripped-up scraps of paper in your father’s wallet, but internet discount referral websites. For example, consider Retail Me Not…

If you find the appropriate one, Coupon sites are the ideal place for your target demographic to hang out. Offering a one-time deal is an excellent way to introduce your brand, attract traffic, and boost revenue.

However, be cautious about which sites you associate with. Some sites are no longer as trustworthy as they previously were. People become angry when codes do not function. This frequently results in a loss of trust.

You may always use an referral marketing network such as Commission Junction or LinkShare. These folks will connect you with the newest and finest sites that will reach your target audience.

Investigating international markets

The opportunity to explore overseas markets is one of the best referral marketing examples of brand expansion.

It’s a scary procedure to find out if your brand will be well appreciated around the world. It is natural to be skeptical. However, it is rather normal practice for eCommerce brands to ship abroad these days. The difficult thing is being recognized and trusted.

Begin by expanding your global relationships online. Enter several networks and investigate where referrals tend to congregate; webinars, social media, blogs, and so on.

It’s absolutely worth checking what the rest of the market has to offer at a low risk – you might find what you’ve been missing all along. If your brand is well appreciated at home, the opportunities for expansion are limitless.

Identifying sources

Investigate your alternatives! Your capacity to investigate and make decisions is one of the best examples of why referral marketing will help your brand grow.

referral marketing is a pay-per-performance model, which means you won’t pay a dime unless one of your brand referrals converts a transaction. As a result, you have a lot more leeway in determining which path will work best. You can think about the following examples:

  1. Sites for Blogging Reviews
  2. Email Marketing
  3. Coupon sites that use PPC
  4. The Internet of Things
  5. Youtube

The best thing you can do is find the most appropriate referrals in these categories and analyze your outcomes. You could be surprised.

Using a public relations firm?

If you’re still having trouble finding the perfect referral for your brand, or if you’re short on time, why not find work with an agency? They will perform all of the legwork in connecting your brand with the best publication to advertise your products.

Take, for example, Soap Media. These folks will find your publishers, align a campaign with your brand’s goals, analyze rivals, run the campaign, and offer a final report with detailed outcomes analysis.

Using an referral agency is a terrific approach for a busy eCommerce brand to efficiently tackle a campaign in a short amount of time. It’s quite self-sufficient. The agency will connect you to a network that matches your target demographic, enhancing your chances of achieving a successful ROI.

Trying out new technology

It is no secret that technology is rapidly advancing. Developers continuously surprise marketers by creating ground-breaking tools. That is why it is critical to stay current in the sector.

Shopcast is the most recent advancement in the referral and influencer marketing industries. This social shopping solution enables brand referrals to Live Stream a video of their shopping experiences from your eCommerce site. Viewers can leave comments, vote, use time-sensitive discount codes, and get an in-depth assessment of your product line.

Shopcast is now free to install and use, so give it a try on your eCommerce site.

Cooperation with influencers

One of the best referral marketing examples that will increase brand awareness is the ability to collaborate. The combination of influencer and referral marketing is becoming more popular as both have a lot of relevance in the eCommerce business.

Referral links are an excellent way to accomplish this. Sharing referral links on social media is a good approach to reach a broad, targeted audience. You can also monitor the effectiveness of your influencers’ efforts.

Gifting products to influencers is another approach to showcase your brand to their audience; using the right people demonstrates that you have your finger on the pulse of your industry.

When integrating your referral marketing approach with influencers, the most crucial thing to remember is to establish a relationship. Connecting with relevant, powerful people may be the next stage of exposure that your brand needs.


Now that you understand why referral marketing is an excellent strategy to increase your eCommerce sales, put it to the test!

The main thing to remember is that you can’t go wrong. Make sure your brand’s products are visible in the most appropriate places in order to reach your target market; you might be amazed at how well your efforts convert.