SEMrush Report 2022: Prioritize Creating 7,000-Word Blog Posts

SEMrush report: prioritize creating 7,000-word blog posts

A 2022 SEMrush report found that 7,000-word articles generate almost five times more page views than those with less than 600 words.

If you’re still wondering if long-form blog entries are worthwhile, here’s your answer: absolutely. SEMrush, a popular SEO tool, has published a content marketing report that delves into many industry trends and insights. In one of them, there is a clear conclusion that long-form articles perform better than short-form content.

The “The State of Content Marketing 2022″ report analyzed more than 1.2 million articles from blogs with 30,000 to 500,000 sessions to conclude the ideal blog post anatomy. Besides that, the team also surveyed more than 1,500 marketers in 39 countries to get a sense of what the rest of the industry thinks about content marketing.

Here are two questions answered by this report.

What’s the ideal blog post format?

SEMrush Report 2022: Prioritize Creating 7,000-Word Blog Posts -

According to SEMrush, the ideal article length is 7,000 words. These articles attract 60% more pageviews than 6,000-word entries and nearly five times the number of page views as 450-word items. Practitioners should be aware of this statistic, as most marketers still prefer to write blogs of less than 3,000 words.

The optimal length for the number of shares and backlinks generated is 1,200 words. These articles receive 20% more shares and 1.5x the number of backlinks as articles with less than 600 words. However, writing more than 1,200 words won’t hurt an article’s ability to get shares and backlinks.

Here are some other conclusions about the ideal anatomy of a blog post:

  • “Listicles” generate the most significant number of page views, followed by “How to” stories and guides. As a result, these three forms receive the most shares and backlinks. Backlinko’s findings that “what posts” and “why posts” are likely to acquire more backlinks are consistent with this.
  • Marketers should insert at least ten words into their article headings. These articles generate almost twice as many page views and 50% more shares than those with fewer than seven words.
  • The majority of high-performing blogs use a mix of H2, H3, and H4 headings inside their article structure. In comparison, most low-performing blogs only use H1 (title).
  • Inserting images and videos will improve the overall performance. Articles with one embodiment generate almost two times more page views than those without. Inserting one video inside a report may also help it generate 65% more page views. The ideal number of images and videos should be embedded in each article: seven and one for each.

Do marketers strongly believe in content marketing?

SEMrush Report 2022: Prioritize Creating 7,000-Word Blog Posts -

Yes, the answer is yes.

According to the survey, 84 percent of marketers say their organization has a content marketing strategy, and 62 percent are pleased with the outcomes they expected in 2022. Even though it was a pandemic year, 71% of marketers saw even better content marketing results than last year.

Only 8% of marketers believe 2022 will be a negative year for content marketing.

SEO and updating and repurposing existing content emerged as the two most effective tactics used in 2022. Respondents also said that figuring out how to use user-generated content is still one of the most difficult strategies.

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Here are some other findings from the report:

  • In 2022, the majority of marketers spent less than $10,000 on content marketing. In 2023, 68 percent of respondents expected their budget to grow.
  • In content marketing, writing is the most common thing to outsource. The goal is to write content that generates high-quality leads and increases traffic.
  • Blog posts and emails remained the most popular content types in the survey. Organic search, social media, and email marketing are the primary content distribution platforms.

To comprehend the most recent content marketing trends, the 64-page paper evaluated 600,000 tweets and 100,000 search engine queries. You may find out more about it by clicking here.

SumRush compiles reports on best practices in content marketing. According to some statistics, 1,500 words is the perfect word limit for articles, and marketers should strive to publish four times each week to achieve significant visitor growth. The most recent compilation post can be found here.

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Guest post by Eleanor Meady