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Remember how popular sponsored reviews were 2 years ago? And how we all made thousands of dollars off them, until Google came to slam us, the bloggers? Well, one of the biggest names in the industry, IZEA (known for their project PayPerPost, which ironically is still in beta) — is releasing the SponsoredTweets project. If 2 years ago you were paid to post, now you are paid to tweet.

The question weather or not you are going to be penalized by Tweeter for this business did not rise yet, maybe Twitter has no strict policy regarding people being paid to twit, however I am sure that if this whole business will gain popularity they may modify their terms (Tweeter, I mean) to make sure the friendly blue bird does not turn into a cash-making raven.


I heard that ShoeMoney was paid $2000 for a few Tweets but for us, the simple mortals, the prices would probably be more realistic. I actually planned to sign up but one thing stopped me and this is the message you get when you decide to join:

An application would like to connect to your account

The application Sponsored Tweets by IZEA, Inc. would like the ability to access and update your data on Twitter. This application plans to use Twitter for logging you in in the future. Sign out if you want to connect to an account other than LoreleiWeb.

Allow Sponsored Tweets access?

Basically, it’s telling you that it will Tweet for you and you have no control over what’s been Tweeted. Most likely many people are not going to fall in love with this idea and while it’s perfectly accepted to spread the word about your own sales, blog posts and affiliate links, not sure that Twitter users would want an advertiser like IZEA to fill in their Tweets.

I must admit the idea is cool but question is, will this “get paid to Tweet” thing live long enough to make people rich and happy, or will it die out just like PayPerPost and Social Spark ? We will see!

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    1. admin says:

      That’s the main reason I decided not to try in the first place, I believe it will turn the Twitter account into a spam can in no time. But would be great to hear how did it work out for you!

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