Starting a Vlog? The 5 Most Striking Video Trends In 2018

Starting a Vlog? The 5 Most Striking Video Trends In 2018 -

Video. You can no longer ignore this year. What are the trends in the field of video marketing in 2018? My five favorite trends on a YouTube!

1. LinkedIn native video

I did not know what happened to me when I first uploaded a video on LinkedIn – what a result! Since the arrival of native video on LinkedIn at the end of last year, I see a lot of fun and low-threshold knowledge videos of professionals passing by.  Although the videos are placed in a very professional environment, they indeed do not have to look good. Job seeker Britt Penninkhof recently put together a successful video with her smartphone: simple, but effective!

Although the LinkedIn video is still in its infancy, I see it grow very fast. The LinkedIn native video is currently not available for all business pages. It is being experimented with, so hopefully, this function will be available for all LinkedIn business pages later this year.

2. Vlogging employees

We do not only see weblogging staff on LinkedIn, but also a lot on YouTube, Instagram and Twitter. And that will only grow more, as Kirsten Jassies predicts in this article.

Just like forest ranger Tim lets you come to life what you do, and be involved in a personal way with your target group, such as police reporter Tess.

3. Live video

Did you know that 80% of consumers prefer to watch a live video than they read something branded? And on Facebook, a live video receives six times more interaction than a regular video.

Livestream also grows on Instagram. It is a low-threshold way to immediately involve your followers in what you are doing at that moment. Charlotte Meindersma of Charlotte’s Law, for example, recently held a live stream on Instagram, in which she answered questions about the new European Privacy Act (GDPR / AVG).

4. Instagram Stories

Instagram Stories exploded in users last year, even the total users of Snapchat over. Here, too, I see a lot of growth in simple, 10-second videos. Behind-the-scenes, with the smartphone, simple, but personal and all in vertical format.

5. Vertical and square videos

And that brings me to the video format, our latest trend! Sorry traditional videographers … but vertical and square videos are here to stay. All social media platforms adapt to how the consumer records videos. Horizontal, vertical, or square. YouTube, for example, is going to support all these formats on mobile. That means no black bars on the side of a vertical video anymore!

I think that square video is where it will eventually go. And you? What are your thoughts on the video trends for this year? Leave a comment!