Successful PPC Search Engine Marketing Starts with Landing Pages

According to a reliable market research, the total expenditure on PPC search engine marketing is more than half of the total spending undertaken on web marketing as a whole! In other words, entire search engine marketing expert community world wide gives its whole hearted endorsement to PPC search engine marketing as a highly effective and hence prominent form of online marketing and advertising.

There are three factors that significantly contribute to the success or failure of any PPC search engine marketing campaign, namely

  • Ad quality
  • Maximum Bid
  • Quality of the landing page

Landing page, simply put, is the page on which the visitor finds oneself upon clicking the PPC ad on SERP. It is a very important page from the point of view of any commercial venture, as it decides whether the PPC ad is able to fulfil its core objectives of having PPC search engine marketing in the first place.

A search engine marketing expert from a SEO company of India is the world’s favorite SEO professional owing to his strategic advantages, including cost-effectiveness, competitiveness, proven expertise and sound infrastructure.

You can expect a SEO company from India provide you with a dedicated and thorough professional search engine marketing expert for tending to your PPC search engine marketing campaign and implement the following strategies to achieve an effective landing page:

  • Focus on an offer of something specific like a newsletter subscription or a tutorial or a demo and avoid irrelevant information to the offer, as it is distracting;
  • Focus on the first impression, as it may turn out to be the last if its not overall pleasant;
  • Stay away from navigation buttons as they tend to take your visitor away from the main offer;
  • Organize content that can be read at a glance;
  • Use caption in graphics as you use them judiciously;
  • Avoid the temptation of asking too many questions and try to gather information implicitly.

A faithful following of the above tips can actually do wonders to your PPC campaign. Worth a try, at least!

Guest post by Anirban Bhattacharya

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