Task Management Software: Explaining Its Benefits And Features

Task Management Software: Explaining Its Benefits And Features - Technology

Did you know that it is forecasted that the size of the task management software market worldwide in 2018 was 2.27 billion U.S. dollars and is expected to reach 4.33 billion U.S. dollars by 2023?

Tools and technologies have become a part of every organization for efficient task execution, team collaboration, productivity, consistency, and scalability. Task management software is a perfect blend of technology and development services that helps in managing tasks better. Integrating a robust task management software can overcome multiple challenges, such as tracking time, managing tasks, and seamlessly collaborating with a team. 

Task Management Software: Explaining Its Benefits And Features - Technology

With task management tools, companies can improve the workflow as well as team efficiency. In this article, we will discuss the features that need to be integrated into task management software to make it efficient and reliable. 

Hand-pick List of Feature for Task Management Software

Whether you are looking for a white-labeled solution or get a tailored one, remember to have these features ideal for an efficient task management software solution.

Scheduling Tasks 


Task management helps you in organizing your work every day, be it personal or professional. Companies can easily create and manage daily, weekly, and monthly plans, which also makes it easier so that they do not miss out on any important task while monitoring the progress of each task. You can customize the tool by adding a notifications and reminder feature to save time and keep you updated.

Setting Priorities 

Because of multiple tasks on the list, it becomes difficult to mark the most important first and less important later. Prioritizing the tasks’ results is one of the reasons for success. A good tool can help you with that. The tasks that require immediate attention can be flagged as Critical to tasks that have dependencies can be flagged High so that you complete urgent work first and speeds up the implementation part.

Recurring Tasks

If you have a customized solution from your product engineering services provider, ensure to have an option for creating as well as scheduling the tasks. It is an essential feature because there are multiple tasks that need to be prepared daily while others every week, such as updating sheets and analyzing the progress daily and weekly.

Planning the Task

Any task starts with a full-proof plan in hand. A good tool must be able to break down your work into simpler tasks for efficient planning. A brilliant task management tool can divide the work into stages through a structured approach keeping resources, scope, and timeline into consideration. Additionally, planning helps in organizing and prioritizing tasks efficiently. 


Collaborating and communicating with team members go hand in hand with every task. An efficient task management software solution must be designed to improve team collaboration. Miscommunication or ineffective collaboration may result in unclear information and tasks exchange. Effective and timely collaboration keeps tasks and loopholes transparent thereby, underlining the areas and scope of improvement. 

Task Management Software: Explaining Its Benefits And Features - Technology

Tracking Tasks 

Assigning a task to all the employees in an organization while regularly keeping track of all the tasks is extremely difficult. Remembering tasks scheduled for regular tracking of their progress is a next-level struggle. A reliable and robust software, large organization, with thousands of employees, can optimize their tasks list. The tool can let the management search and filter out any task by setting criteria, such as who has defined the task to whom or simply check the current status of the ongoing task.


Another essential component of task management software is that you can easily keep track of the time spent on each activity or task. You also get to measure the estimated time for different kinds of tasks assigned and evaluate the level of productivity each employee is giving. The tool allows easy logging into timesheets that can be reviewed by the management. This practice is helpful and contributes to the overall project impact concerning the budget. 

Easy Documentation 

Did you know 88% of the spreadsheets may contain errors? The task management software solution offers a documentation facility that can be synced with the project management app. The tool can allow you to have multiple documents in one place and have access to the same. You get ease from moving from one spreadsheet to the other. Sharing is quick and easy with this tool so, you no longer have to waste time in managing and locating the data.


An efficient feature to keep you organized is an integrated calendar. Easily organize and schedule tasks through a calendar while seamlessly setting timelines and meetings. So with this feature, mark any deadlines as a reminder to help the team easily follow up on the current project’s progress or even need to schedule a quick meeting or conference. 

Reporting and Analysis

A comprehensive task management software offers observational and monitoring capabilities. With constant monitoring and regular reporting, you can regulate the flow of tasks, avoid any deadlines missed, and ensure that the team is working in the right direction to achieve their goals. A good task management software will help you provide insights into the progress of tasks to help you locate the loopholes for improvement and deliver a better customer experience.



Usually, project management software consists of a budgeting feature that helps the organizations to quickly calculate the cost per project. In the case of a customized solution, you can always ask your IT professional service provider to add a relevant tool that allows you to calculate time, cost, expenditure & other revenue-related computation.

Dependencies and Milestones 

When you are handling multiple projects, there are chances when you have to handle multiple tasks simultaneously. A brilliant and feature-rich task management software system can offer numerous possibilities, such as defining all software developmental stages. With effective task management software, you can set up milestones, point out a specific phase within a project to ensure that your team is moving in the right direction. 

Third-party Integration 

An explicit feature that is needed in any management software is quick and seamless third-party integration. Third-party integration not just makes the software future-proof but also ensures that the management can have all the necessary tools for developing a satisfactory product. For instance, for elearning software development, you might want to integrate authoring tools and must be built on new technologies. So, to support them, you might need to integrate a few tools in your task management software as well. 

Real-time Data Use 

A less-known but very useful feature that can be incorporated into your task management software. This feature can accommodate users by managing their business-related financials and keeping a tab on their end-user activity. This helps in automating and recommending future tasks in a much better and effective way. To incorporate this feature requires a lot of hard work. Thanks to third-party integration during the development, you can integrate AI to have real-time data. 

These were a few features that make up an intelligent and reliable task management software. Looking at the current needs, where people prefer everything on mobile, this software can be developed for both iOS and Android devices so that the management and teams can easily use the tool hassle-free whenever they want or from wherever they want to collaborate.

Now let’s quickly move to the advantages you will have to incorporate task management software in your system and utilize it regularly.

Benefits of a Task Management Software

  • Enhanced Tasks Memory

Humans can process a lot of information but remembering them at the right time seems a challenge. Instead of trying to keep all the tasks in your head, you can simply list them to task management software. Thanks to the quick sharing feature, so one can easily and seamlessly share the necessary information or even download the entire to-do list. Task management software can let you focus more on difficult problems rather than remembering even the smallest or low-priority task. 

  • Improved Process 

Since the software offers multiple features – from scheduling tasks to monitoring the progress, a team can certainly improve their process. A task management software can identify and report the areas where the team lacks, identify potential problems, and challenges thereby finding out a substantial and relevant solution.

  • Flexibility 

Companies can utilize task management software in multiple ways and scale their business. Its manifold features allow businesses to easily sync with their teams, processes, and progress while collaborating with the team members. A task management software leverages companies to build personal boards to remember tasks or use third-party tools to produce a highly technical product.

  • Visibility and Reliability

Task management software provides transparency of the teams’ progress through reports and development stages. Also, knowing the status of the tasks assigned enables the companies to underline potential team members while building a sense of trust and reliability for handling a successful project to the customers. Moreover, not just the management but also the team members can look into individual progress and participate towards the completion of the project. 

  • Saves Time

When tasks are recorded and listed, teams can remember them. When you prioritize the task, you understand the complexity of it and strive for a successful project. With task management software, managers and stakeholders can view a project at each stage, calculate the resources needed, relevant budget, and tools to deploy the project on it’s the time frame. With features, such as alerts & notifications, and oversights, the teams are aware of the deadlines and quickly rectify the duplicate task to save time and money. 

To Conclude

For a great and substantial task management software, it is recommended to incorporate all the aforementioned features. You can get a customized solution by collaborating with a renowned software development company to develop a comprehensive tool with a simplified interface so that you can seamlessly manage your tasks and tailor the project flow as you need. 

Author’s Bio:  Alicia works with the editorial team of A3logics, a leading company offering Benefits Administration Software Services. Exploring the latest technologies, reading about them, and writing her views have always been her passion. She seeks new opportunities to express her opinions, explore technological advancements, and document the details. You can always find her enjoying books or articles about varied topics or jotting down her ideas in a notebook.


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