Technological Innovations that Can Help Your Business

Technological Innovations that Can Help Your Business -

In today’s modern world, the rate at which technology is advancing is always increasing, providing extensive opportunities for millions of businesses around the globe. Many business in the marketing industry are struggling to keep up with the fast rate at which technology is advancing. Below are a few examples of technological innovations that will keep your business relevant in an ever-advancing technological world:

Business Management Software

Technological Innovations that Can Help Your Business -

Business management software is essential for any company to survive in the modern era. Having cloud-based software to backup files is necessary for all businesses to survive. An American company called Salesforce popularized the first ever cloud-based software in the late 1990s and since then, many other businesses have followed suit. Many of these companies include human resource management, professional services automation, marketing automation and more.

Office and Email Applications

Technological Innovations that Can Help Your Business -

In the past, before technology played as large of a role in the business world, many companies used in-house email servers, which were quite costly. Today, although in-house email servers are still preferred by some companies, they are no longer considered to be a necessity. G Suite from Google Cloud has made a significant difference in office and email processes for both business and non-business uses. Desktop document, spreadsheet, and slide presentation applications are rich in features and their cloud counterparts are continuing to improve.

Integration Apps

Integration apps make it simpler for users to automate various tasks between web apps as well as integrate different cloud-based applications. These apps, such as one of the leading apps, Zapier, can connect web apps such as Google Docs, Google Sheets, QuickBooks, Slack, Facebook Lead Ads and more. Jitterbit, Scribe, MuleSoft, and Informatica also have the capability to be used by integration apps like Zapier.

Self-Service for Customers

Many businesses have issues with customer service. In the past two decades there has been a major transition from one-on-one customer service to today’s widely used system of self-service for customers. In recent years, consumers have become accustomed to online self-service, but it was not until the support of applications like Zendesk and Lithium that they have truly become successful.

Customer Feedback

Technological Innovations that Can Help Your Business -

Customer feedback has become the norm in the 21st century in order for businesses to improve. Apps like UserVoice and GetSatisfaction have given users the opportunity not only to ask questions, but also to make suggestions. These applications have helped consumers, and have created a comprehensive self-service functionality in such a way that software developers do not just simply guess what the customers want, but they can ask, get answers, take actions, and provide solutions according to the users’ feedback.

Template Management Systems

A company called Templafy has simplified how your business creates, handles, and shares document templates. It functions as a branding and compliance tool that empowers global businesses, helping them track countless important on-brand documents.

Final Thoughts

With technological innovations constantly progressing, it is extremely important for your business to stay up-to-date in order to keep your relevance. Using the technologies mentioned above will be exceedingly helpful in keeping your company in the loop with your procedural needs and will aid in making your company work to the best of its capabilities.