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Themes are perhaps the most important components in getting a WordPress website. But it is not the only one. Running a successful WordPress site includes a number of factors that, if excluded, can cause the most pimped up theme-decorated site to crash and burn. Metaphors aside, here are two of the most important components required for the ultimate WordPress experience.

1. Hosting

Let’s start at the beginning. You may think the first thing to do is downloading the WordPress software. Right? Wrong. Before you even start thinking about that there is one thing you need to do – get hosted! Thanks to the rise of WordPress you will easily find WP customized hosting plans, so called WordPress hosting that support PHP script language, MySQL databases and pre-installable scripts that installs WordPress for you at no additional cost.

Getting top web hosting is essential for any aspiring website and perhaps one of the hardest things to pull off. The web hosting industry is growing larger by the day with thousands of hosts and resellers offering server capacity from all corners of the world. Do not fall for a so called Unlimited web hosting. There is no such thing. Except mentioned WordPress requirements above, when choosing blog hosting, you should base you decision on three ingredients:

1.      Bandwidth – the maximum amount of data (bits per second) that is allowed to transfer between web server and browser. The more data your website has (heavy images, files etc) in relation to website traffic volum the higher bandwidth you need.

2. Disk space – If you need a high bandwidth span you probably will need more disk space. However, even the cheapest hosting plans nowadays offer more than enough server space (around 30000Mb)

3. Domain registration – you’ll need a domain name to go with your WordPress website.

2. Plugins

You get one included plugin when you install WordPress – Hello Dolly! And though we love Luis Armstrong as much as the next guy this plugin does little difference. Amongst the thousands of plugins available, we have selected two that qualifies as essential components for the perfect WordPress site – Akismet and All in One SEO Pack.


Once your blog has been indexed by search engines and starts getting traffic, spam will find its way to your site. Actually, increasing spam comments is perhaps the first indication that people are finding your site. Before you know it, there will be hundreds of spam comments waiting for your moderation. Akismet is the best spam-filter WordPress plugin and will save you a lot of moderation time by efficiently separating spam from unique visitor comments.

All in One SEO Pack

Assuming that you have heard about search engine optimization this plugin is a must have. Although WordPress already is optimized for search engine robots to crawl, this SEO plugin will enable you full control. Adding meta tags to every post and page, the All in One SEO pack let’s you do your own search engine optimization. Google’s Keyword Tool is a great service where you can find the best keywords to implement.

And there you have it. Be sure to include these components when setting up your WordPress site. They will save you time and bring you peace of mind when we all know how bothering website administration can be. Regarding the plugins there are many more that will fill a useful purpose. We have limited this article to merely two but if you care to explore the world of plugins, feel free to visit

When it comes to web hosting however WordPress hosting is a plan worth sticking to as it includes all necessities for setting up and running a WordPress website.

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