The History of First Live Journals and Blogs

My motivation for creating a blog was nothing but a desire for self-expression. The reason is quite simple and that I was not very different from many other bloggers. But over time I became a reliable go to one and the same idea – do this as a meaning and will anyone read it? Naturally, every day on the control panel displays the number of visitors, but what does it mean? I wanted to understand. And here I was faced with his Majesty the Internet in all its glory! PR and TIC, RSS and bottomless catalog of articles, but from a number of proposals of earnings in the network, I slowly started to go to the roof. Is not that I wanted? I doubt it …

Of course, the monetization of a blog – this is a nice way to earn a living, but not to the detriment of the same content. I’m not talking about the banners and a variety of affiliate programs, but directly on the filing of information. Remember how many times the search engines were given to you absolutely useless links?

How many deliberately targeted advertising blogs to appear on the screen against your will? On what or sincerity or individuality on such pages, no need to talk, but the banners and avatars for the subscription cost at the sight. It’s a shame, is not it? Knowingly created by advertising blogs with RSS of paid and bought links are in the top ranks of search engines, but really interesting and original buried in the backyard. “How to make money on the blog”, “Ten tips for promotion,” “how to increase attendance,” “move items” and “Exchange links” – how it helps the creativity?!

Remember, the birth of the first live journals. These were the diaries of ordinary people, watching this world. People are willing to share their thoughts, feelings, impressions. Striving for self-expression and understanding …. And now? I remember recently reading an article the next SEO-guru and stumbled upon a very revealing phrase: “… and certainly does not make sense to exchange links with blogs have a third level domain names, as they ranked poorly in search engines and platforms are free …”. But this is the personal journals of ordinary users? With a view of the world and a desire to share them with others. Strange, is not it?

Unfortunately, for some reason I can not put this story in the original, but taking into account the rapid increase in traffic to my blog (although I’m clearly not sought it), I conclude that this situation is a matter not just me alone. The only request to the readers – it does not remain indifferent. I am only human and can err. So let me know if you feel it is wrong or just too much of an utopia. Maybe someone will share their ideas?

Guest Post by Snalky Trapri