The Importance of Focusing on Customer Loyalty and Retention

The Importance of Focusing on Customer Loyalty and Retention -

Nowadays, businesses tend to focus on the profit and cash flow, a practice that has low chances of creating a brand that is trusted and appreciated by clients. Instead, small companies should focus on customer loyalty and retention for many reasons. Since acquiring new customers can cost up to seven times more than retaining the already existing ones, strong incentives appear to allocate resources to strengthening both the customer retention and loyalty strategies.

Statistics show that:

  • 68% of the customers leave a brand because they are unsatisfied with the services
  • 14% are not happy with the product/service
  • 9% decide to go to a competitor

flok comes to put a stop to that. The customer loyalty app helps any business strengthen its relationships with its clients, boost customer retention and offers features that no company could say no to.

The Importance of Focusing on Customer Loyalty and Retention -


A customer that comes back is the most precious asset of a small-business. The key idea behind it is simple: a customer that comes back may even bring a friend along. If a client is loyal to your business, he will refer you to his friends, a process that could go on for a long time.

However, any business must plan its customer retaining strategy carefully. With flok, you don’t need to think about it as much. In fact, flok does all the hard work for you. With so many features to choose from, you can focus on improving your business, while also saving time.

The loyalty card app does one thing that will draw your clients back to you: it rewards your customers using punch cards. You get to choose the reward and how many punches a client needs to receive it. This way, they will always have an incentive to come back to you. Moreover, they will get to see step by step how good your service/products are.

More than that, on flok you can chat and even “auto-chat” with customers right from your dashboard or mobile phone. This way, the business-customer relationship will always be strong, and clients will have the security of knowing that there is someone behind that beautiful brand.

The Importance of Focusing on Customer Loyalty and Retention -

Customers seek high quality service, and this includes good communication. More than that, they need to feel that you are present in their lives. With flok, you can boost customer engagement by sharing your business activity on social media with just one click.

Remember that bell that used to ring whenever you walked into a store? flok replaces it with the Beacon, which is a wireless device that sends a welcome message to customers’ phones as they walk in your store. It represents a fun, pleasant way to be welcomed in a world in which smartphones are a very important part of our everyday life.

By becoming a trusted source in the online world, you build a relationship that not only leads to a dependency, but also brings in new customers. Regarding customer acquisition, flok helps you gain even more loyal clients by allowing you to send rewards to specific targeted segments in the flok network.

However, all the efforts fade away if a business does not analyse its data and learn from it for the future. flok does not let you forget about this important step, as it has customer analytics integrated. This way, you can monitor all the activity and see what works best so that you can put it in practice in the future. As a consequence, your clients will only benefit from the best experience possible.

The Importance of Focusing on Customer Loyalty and Retention -

Trust is built through relationships, which further leads to commitment. If you succeed in making your clients trust you, they will commit to your brand. More than that, building trust through shared values further means taking the time to interest in your clients and their business. One must use all the available information in order to strengthen his relationship with others.

Simply providing a service/product is no longer enough nowadays. Customers seek to connect with the brand and have something that represents their values and interests. To achieve this, a business must be as present as possible into the clients’ lives. flok acts as a personal online assistant. It helps you reward your clients, allows communication and monitors your business’ activity. As a consequence, no detail is left out of the discussion, leading to a business that is based on trust, reciprocity and shared values.

flok helps you listen to your customers, build trust, and connect with the clients by sharing values and interests. As a consequence, you will build a brand that not only sells, but is also appreciated by people who can relate to the story you are telling. This process represents the most important thing that a business can do for both itself and its clients.