The Magic of RSS in Affiliate Marketing

Every affiliate marketer knows the most common forms of traffic generation. You’ve been preached to since your first ebook about using article marketing, directory submissions, Youtube, forum posting, and the list goes on and on. But, there are other methods out there that aren’t often talked about, that can still help your off site SEO efforts in a significant way. One of those methods is RSS Submission. While many overlook this form of backlink and traffic generation, it is usually due to a lack of understanding as to exactly how it works. Today, I am going to teach you all about RSS, and how you can use it to build backlinks and consistent traffic to your sites.

Many people do not even really know what an RSS feed is, so the first thing we need to go over is a brief definition and background on RSS. RSS stands for “Rich Site Summary”, and is basically a log of all the most current blog postings or information on a website. It was originally designed to help users stay current on the constantly updating news on their favorite news sites, without having to visit every single page every time they wanted new information.

Several major players have what they call RSS Readers. These are online systems, or software packages, that load the RSS Feeds from a website into a single page, and list the news articles much like they would show up in a typical blog. RSS feeds can be a great tool because they not only get your articles, site name, and information out there, but most carry over links with them. It works very similar to when someone publishes one of your articles to their site, only on a much larger scale and with every new piece of information you submit to the feed, instantly.

Now that you have a basic understanding of RSS, let’s talk about how we can use it to help generate backlinks and traffic. We do this by using what are called “RSS Feed Aggregators”. These are websites that will allow you to submit your RSS feed to their database, and once submitted, they will set up a page that lists the contents of your feed. You only need to submit an RSS feed one time in order to get it listed and then you know longer need to worry about updating it. The feed will automatically update with the most current postings or information from your site.

We use article directories, youtube profiles, and other sources in order to put our site links and content all over the web. We like these sites because they get distributed to many different places. People can pick up our videos and embed them, publish our articles, or view our SB profiles and visit our sites, but RSS can work for you in much the same way. The RSS feed pages will get listed in RSS directories, and people can pick them up and either view them themselves, or even post the content to their websites.

If you aren’t currently using your RSS feeds to their full potential, I recommend you look into them farther. They can be a great way to get added traffic and backlinks to your site, and they are very easy to set up!

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  2. Maliki says:

    Thanks for nice post. I found that your blog is really informative. So, I subscribed the feed & follow your twitter…. by the way RSS also known as “Really Simple Syndication”. Thanks.

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