Many people ask in forums and other blogs this eternal question: How much can I earn from Adsense? While someone would come and say he earns a few thousands of dollars monthly, others will complain about hardly managing to earn a few measly dollars.When

I started with Adsense, it was about a year and a half ago, after my first month I earned 2$. Yes two dollars. In order to be eligible to receive your first cheque, you need to generate 100$, so I was very eager to collect enough for my first payment after 4 years. It definitely did not look back then as if all the effort I put in my site (and I spend many months building it) was worth it. Back then, I also heard about someone complaining about his AdSense revenue, his main concern was that he earns “only” a few dollars daily. It seems like a dream to me back then…

Everybody in the world seemed to earn more than I did, and I couldn’t figure the reason. I decided to set myself what is called an “earnings challenge”. The goal was, the double the revenue for the next month. I know, it sounds ridiculous, setting myself a goal of earning 4$ in 30 days, but it was a challenge for me, and I made it! However, I decided that setting myself a daily goal is far better, in the end of the day I know what were my aim and was this aim achieved or not. If it was not – I need to work harder tomorrow to make up for the day that has passed.

Over a year has passed, and now I do understand the concern of that guy who made only a few dollars a day, it really is a problem when you reach a certain PR, steady traffic and standard.

Let’s say an average salary in your area is 2000$. This might not be something mind blowing, but earning from Adsense is still far better than to work in a factory or wait tables. So, 2k is the goal. 2k, divided by 30 working days turns to be 65$, which is your daily aim. I know what you are thinking now – “eh, easy for you to say, ma`am!”. No, it is not easy, we all start somewhere. After all, 65$ is just 65 clicks, each of which is worth 1$. While this is a bit too good to be true, lets be more down to earth and say that this is 325 clicks, 13 cents each. That’s a pretty low payment per click, means you might need even less, if you go though all the ‘Smart Pricing Optimization’, filter MFA (Made For Adsense) websites etc.

Set a reasonable goal and go for it… Good Luck!

  1. Rusguide says:

    Hi, I started in August, and I also used to set goals in earning money with Adsense, and your article shows me I was rather successful in achieving my goals: a few dollars daily came true in 3 first months.
    Who says it is not a hard work? But I am not going to give up, if somebody can make three or four digit numbers per month, why not me?))
    You are welcome to my Blog as well!

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