The Technology Behind Reverse Phone Directories – How to Find an Old Friend and Drop Unwanted Calls?


How many times have we wondered if the call we just missed was the important call we were waiting for, or just another sales call just because it came from an unknown number? And how many times, we have also wished we knew the name of the caller who goes on making unwanted calls to us, or have been in a city where you know an old friend lives in and you would like to visit, but just don’t have the address? More times than we can count isn’t it?

Reverse phone lookup helps with just that, it is just like a directory where one can find out more information of a person like, their name, current address, other numbers belonging to them, and other such information based on the database you search. This service does not provide information on call or text logs, or a person’s current location, it aims at helping only with the owner’s information for a particular phone number.

There are various applications and websites one can use, to access the reverse phone lookup feature and receive information on the go. Certain websites also provide you to filter your search based on phone number or email, or even by using the name of the person (on some sites) and also let you search the public records online to carry out your search.The Technology Behind Reverse Phone Directories - How to Find an Old Friend and Drop Unwanted Calls? -

It’s a fairly easy procedure:
• Read some information about free reverse phone lookup directories and choose one
• Enter the phone number or email (basis the options and how you want to conduct your search)
• The site will take a few moments while it searches the database and populate the available information

The Technology Behind Reverse Phone Directories - How to Find an Old Friend and Drop Unwanted Calls? -

There are two types of accesses, free reverse phone lookup directories and the paid ones. One can find a fair amount of information in a free database but it is not necessary that it will be always accurate. Or the information may not be available; many free sites could also just be loaded with viruses so it is essential to research the site you plan to use before you start relying on it. It is also essential to remember that each person has a right to their privacy so you need to be sure that you are not outside the bounds of law while accessing this service.

The Technology Behind Reverse Phone Directories - How to Find an Old Friend and Drop Unwanted Calls? -

Though there seem to be many benefits of this service, there are also a few things of concern, just as you can access the information for a listed person, they can access information for you and this may be an invasion of privacy for some. It may also make it easier for certain people who you do not to be found by, to find you.

The reverse phone lookup is definitely a helpful tool in finding out information about those missed calls and long lost friends, however it could also become a menace, so be mindful of the sites you use and how you use the information you gain. Let it be for a beneficial outcome, not a painful one

  1. Doris says:

    I agree. Reverse phone look-up sites are very helpful in finding out every available information about an unknown caller. I’ve used the service several times already, especially when I get prank calls.

    There’s one time when I’ve been called by an anonymous caller and whenever I pick up, he hangs up the phone. After 15 calls, I decided to look up the phone number through Google and guess what? The phone number has been reported at 12 times for scam! Can you believe that?! I almost thought it was my ex calling me. Grrr!

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  5. Helpful post, thanks for sharing… I can recollect a moment when I didn’t pick up an business call, thinking it was a sales call coming from an unknown number… After using reverse phone lookup, I don’t have to worry about ignoring such sales calls…

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