These Are The Top 7 Logo Design Software On The Market

These Are The Top 7 Logo Design Software On The Market -

Businesses always stand out with unique and memorable logos. It’s the first impression that they give to customers before they even use a service or product. A logo can convey different messages to customers and can even reflect on the professionalism your company has. Even though there’s the common phrase “Don’t judge a book by its cover,” it’s actually quite the opposite for logos.

So what makes a logo stand out from competition? The font, the colours, the icon or symbol and the graphics that you choose for your logo. Even though it might seem easy and stress free to hire a professional graphic designer, it actually isn’t. It can be a risk because you will be paying a costly service for a logo that’s designed only once. What happens if the logo doesn’t live up to the image in your head or the graphic designer you hired was actually amateur and does a bad job? 

That’s why before you consider hiring help, you should test the waters and play around on logo maker tools that are available online. That way you can brainstorm your logo idea and even create one without any stress and breaking the bank. In order to help you find a useful logo maker tool that delivers results, we have reviewed 7 that we consider to be the best.

These Are The Top 7 Logo Design Software On The Market -

TRUiC Logo Maker

We have placed this one first because we believe that it’ the best one out there. It’s a free service, and there’s no need to create an account, which means that you can try to design your logo right away. We love the fact that there are unlimited features on this tool maker, and you can use over 1,000 designs or just start designing from scratch. Another bonus about the TRUiC logo maker is that you can download your logo for free in high resolution and in an SVG format. Plus, there are no commercial rights issues!

Tailor Brands

This is a great logo maker tool because it’s suitable for people that are not tech savvy and are in need of professional results. They handle the work for you and even make suggestions for templates by asking a few questions. However, if you’re looking to make a logo once, then this isn’t a suitable tool for you, because they have paid monthly plans instead of free options. 

Adobe illustrator

Adobe is a brand that’s widely known in the creative community. They offer different tools for all kinds of creators, including Adobe illustrator. With this logo maker you get the most advanced features that experts also use. However, it’s not user friendly for beginners or people who are not tech savvy.


This graphic design software offers over 10,000 images and icons for your logo design . However, you’re very limited to creativity and wanting to play around with the tools, when designing. It only allows you to make a few tweaks to your chosen template and you have to pay  $39.99 to download the original artwork.


This logo maker tool is ideal for companies and freelancers who are informal. It has one theme only for their logos, which are eccentric and bold. However, they do offer over 170 template logos and special effect options. This design software charges users $37 for a one time usage and it comes with advanced editing tools.


We recommend this logo maker tool to business owners who are looking to design a simple yet professional logo. However, you can only use one graphic icon per logo and there’s no advanced tools that you can play with. It costs 99 cents to download your logo and it comes in a high resolution.


With Designhill, you get to choose from a huge selection of logo templates as your base design. But the downfall is that you can only make a few changes to the templates, which really limits you from getting creative. Not only that, but you can either download a low resolution logo for $20 or opt for a high resolution for $65. But we do recommend it for users who wish to use a tool that’s quick and easy.