Three Reasons To Make Your Own Design for Your Blog’s Logo

Three Reasons To Make Your Own Design for Your Blog’s Logo -

When you are launching a new blog, the design of the website itself is one of the most important parts of what you need to do to launch it successfully. Most people design their own blogs using things like WordPress templates, although some businesses do get professional web designers in to make their sites more unique. Even people who design their own websites sometimes don’t go through the steps of designing a logo, which is why most people nowadays prefer to hire a branding design agency. Often, they simply use the title of the site in a font and color that they can create as part of their template instead. While this can do the job of a logo on your site’s homepage, there are still some very good reasons why it is better to take the time to design a proper logo for your new blog project.

It is Easy and Fun To Create A Unique Logo

One of the best reasons why it can be good to make your own logo is that it is something that is simple to do using online tools. This can teach you some new skills that may come in handy when you are looking at making your site look more appealing and may also give you some good ideas about how to create nice-looking branding for other things, like your marketing. Using an online graphic maker tool, or software such as Inkscape can make it an interesting project to come up with a logo that suits your blog and will be memorable for your visitors.

You Can Explore More About How You Want Your Branding To Be

Another reason why it can be a good idea to start thinking about how you want your custom logo to look is that this can lead into decisions on a lot of the other brand elements you will want to include in your website design. As you fiddle about trying to make a logo, you may find that you discover color schemes or images that you particularly like. These may not be things that you would have thought of if you weren’t specifically trying to make a small logo that represents your blog. Branding is very important for winning over repeat visitors, as you want your site to be memorable and stick in their minds to visit again in future. Taking the extra time to think about your branding while you are making your logo is likely to make your brand decisions much stronger.

You Can Modify It For Use Everywhere!

Another benefit of having a logo that you have designed properly rather than using text inside your blog template is that you will be able to easily modify the logo you have made to use for other things. You can use it as your profile picture on Twitter, for example, or you can even convert it to be used for things like email signatures and letterheads.

Why not play around with some graphics software to try and come up with some different ideas for your logo today?