Tips to Make a Web Designer’s Portfolio Perfect

If you are a web designer then obviously the first thing that an employer looks at is your portfolio. When you send your CV somewhere then keep in mind that you are not there. As a web designer, it is important that you display a record of your previous achievements, projects and work done. Your portfolio is important because it speaks on your behalf. Often the employers look at your portfolio even before looking at your CV.

Employers are usually getting dozens if not hundreds of CVs which create a sense of tension for the employers. When sending your CV, you should ensure that your portfolio should stand out from the rest. Imagine a guy piled up in CVs and portfolios. Guess what will he be looking for? If you send a portfolio that does not attractive or does not suit his needs, he may not be able to understand your abilities.

Let us face a simple fact that whatever you send along with your CV represents yourself. There are a few things that you should think of before sending a portfolio with your CV. The first thing in this regard is that you cannot possibly be there in short-listing process. No matter how good you are, if you didn’t create a good portfolio, no one will be able to judge your abilities therefore it is important to mention your major achievements in the field of web designing.

If you did something out of your ordinary field of expertise like say if you are a web designer and you managed a team or you did some branding, it will cause a good impact on your prospect employer. If all of a sudden you think of something and you add it to your portfolio, it won’t be noticed until it is really good and suits the need of the employer. The industry is important as well. Be sure to rearrange items in your portfolio that can match with the current business of your prospect employer.

Another important point is clarity. Do not show your creativity on the portfolio page. Rather, simply create a list showing your work and then let your work speak for itself. As a general rule, the icons on the page should be big and can be replicas of the websites you have worked on. It is also important that you have your own web page. If you do not show your own webpage, people might be wondering that if you are such a good web designer, why you don’t have your own webpage.

It is extremely important that your employers can find what they are looking for in your CV and portfolio. If you are going to present yourself and list services that do not match up with the needs of your employer, you won’t get short-listed. On the other hand, if you add too much which does not correspond to your experience, you will have to face an awkward situation at the interview so never under-describe or over-describe yourself. While it is important to tell about your positive points, it is also important that you do not take any credit for the work that you have not done.

These few guidelines can help you build a better portfolio as a web designer and will get you through difficult situations.