Top 5 Open Source Affiliate Software

Top 5 Open Source Affiliate Software - Making Money Online

Looking for open source affiliate tracking software that you can build upon or modify according to your needs?

With each passing day, the world of marketing expands. Every day, new marketing trends and buzzwords emerge. Digital marketing, for example, is a term that has grown in use over the last few decades. Similarly, affiliate marketing is not a bygone term. Affiliate marketing is a type of marketing that relies on affiliates. Organizations approach affiliate marketers to promote their products or services. Affiliate marketers are compensated based on the amount of traffic directed to the business organizations or the number of products or services sold.

Affiliate marketing software allows affiliates to monitor their progress and take action to enhance sales, which raises their profit. Alternatively, businesses can utilize affiliate software to manage their sales and various affiliates and keep track of all their various affiliate campaigns. This article lists open-source and cross-platform compatible affiliate software that makes it easier to use and adds new features.


scaleo affiliate software

Scaleo is a simple yet partner marketing platform for companies. It works across mobile and web use, it has all the tools to build better relationships.
Its features come to include scalability, advanced automation and real-time data streaming, it supports an industry-leading, fully customizable SaaS platform that has a robust suite of optimization and reporting features.

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ELitius is an enhanced affiliate software. The software solution is free and cross-platform compatible as it is open-source. Effective software helps with the management of affiliate programs, focusing on revenue, recruiting, managing sales, monitoring and tracking affiliates, and monitoring and tracking affiliates.

The software has a list of features and capabilities. These features primarily include the platform’s ability to add, manage, and modify various affiliates; manage and monitor sales via each affiliate; manage affiliate commissions; manage revenues; provide templates and efficient configuration tools; customized designs for various user interfaces; an enhanced tracking system; a cutting-edge reporting tool that generates efficient and interactive reports for various insights; and other features.

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OSI Affiliate software

Top 5 Open-Source Affiliate Software

Another effective and market-leading affiliate software is OSI Affiliate software. Many notable companies and organizations use the software. The software is well-known around the world and has the image and profile to convert many clients and first-time visitors into long-term customers for numerous organizations. The software is open-source and cross-platform compatible. However, the tool does not provide a free subscription but instead provides a 15-day free trial.

The tool incorporates features and capabilities such as the platform’s ability to seamlessly integrate with social media applications, allowing for efficient sharing of marketing content directly from the OSI Affiliate; consistent branding enabled by linking all affiliates to URLs; an efficient setup wizard; an influencer directory; a multi-tier affiliate management system that allows allocating and recruiting new affiliates; and so on.

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Affiliate Pro

Top 5 Open-Source Affiliate Software

Affiliate Pro is another free and open-source affiliate software. The solution is compatible with the most popular operating systems, but it is not free, despite the fact that a lifetime subscription can be obtained for only $59. The software monitors all traffic to a website, as well as the revenue generated by each click and website registration. This effective tool was created primarily to monitor, track, and increase sales.

The tool’s features primarily include the platform’s ability to allow its users to create customized affiliate programs and invite other affiliates, which increases overall sales; the ability to integrate CMS solutions; earn and increase commissions on every sale; and other platform features such as notifications, alerts, etc.; a reporting tool; dashboards for interactive insights; marketing ads, logos, and the list goes on.

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Script for Affiliate Pro

Affiliate Pro Script offers an open-source platform for affiliate management. Many organizations turn to this service first when it comes to monetizing brands and blogs. The tool is sophisticated PHP-based software that boosts sales and revenues while also empowering the entire firm. The tool works in tandem with external SEO professionals to increase sales. Affiliate Pro can also work with other systems that keep track of sales and revenue for businesses like Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software so that they can work together.

The software offers an enhanced commission package with various formats for monitoring and tracking various features of commissions, the ability to monitor and track affiliates using the in-built matrix capabilities, the ability to configure settings based on different affiliates, transactions, and user earnings, and other features such as the platform’s ability to generate various insights and reports, and the list goes on.

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This article offers the top four finest affiliate software solutions that ensure seamless affiliate management. Among the software solutions highlighted are Scaleo, eLitius, OSI Affiliate, Affiliate Pro, and Affiliate Pro Script. All the solutions discussed are open-source and cross-platform compatible. However, aside from eLitius, none of the tools offer a free subscription. Users can, however, test the tools for free for a limited time.

All of the tools presented are compatible with all of the major operating systems and include all of the features and functionality required in an ideal affiliate software solution. Furthermore, because the tools are open-source, they can be enhanced to integrate new features and plugins. We believe that the affiliate management solutions we’ve talked about here are the best and most effective ones out there.

Open Source Affiliate Software—Simple Software for Putting Marketing Strategies

Various platforms aid in the marketing of business processes, and the best open source affiliate management software has long provided code-free variations of various approaches. Affiliate Management Software is a cost-effective choice that allows firms to effortlessly reach a larger audience. The software is simply accessible to everyone, which is a huge plus.

Advantages of Open Source Affiliate Software

The Affiliate sales tracking software is open-source code software that anyone can use. This is basically an open-source affiliate marketing software. There are some enhancements that can be used to provide the finest services possible without incurring any more costs. Affiliate software is typically free, and no one can charge a fee for it. Users can simply make money through various support options and community standing.

Open Source and Affiliate Software Applications

The software makes sure that the supplier doesn’t have to use just one piece of software and can work with anyone else.

Most systems allow other developers to create plugins that add extra functionality to the system.


There are several possibilities for open-source affiliate software, and one of the best is Scaleo, which is extremely user-friendly. Elitius is, likewise, a fantastic piece of software that is available to everyone. There are many affiliate program software open source solutions on the market, for those looking to benefit from self-hosted affiliate software without having to pay a fortune.

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