Top 6 Free Online .EML and .MSG File Viewers: Open MSG Files Online!

Top 6 Free Online .EML and .MSG File Viewers: Open MSG Files Online! -

Message Viewer Online lets you view e-mail messages in EML, MSG and winmail.dat (TNEF) formats. You can also access email file attachments.

Ready to crack open those pesky .EML and .MSG files but don’t have the right software to view them? Fret not, digital warrior! I’ve scoured the corners of the internet to bring you the Top 6 Free Online .EML and .MSG File Viewers that’ll make opening these files as easy as snapping a selfie.

Whether you’re a casual user or a business mogul-in-the-making, these tools are about to make your life a whole lot simpler. Stick around and let’s dive right in! ๐Ÿ’Œ๐Ÿ”

How to Open Open MSG Files Online

Here is a sample table that lists some free online .EML and .MSG file viewers:

Software NameSupported FormatsAdditional Features
Freeviewer .EML and .MSGView, Read, Analyze
Encryptomatic’s MsgViewer.EML and .MSGView, Access attachments
Coolutils.EML and .MSGView, Convert to different formats
File Viewer Plus.EML and .MSGView, Edit, Save in different formats
ZOOK MSG Viewer.MSGView, Search within text, Extract data
Softaken Free .EML Viewer.EMLView, Read emails without any email client

Free Online .EML and .MSG File Viewers

There are two types of software on the internet: commercial and ostensibly free. Supposedly free software usually comes with some hidden costs, such as deprecated functionality, advertisements, or some other way for the publishers to recoup their investment.

Ever found yourself sitting in front of a screen, staring at an .EML or .MSG file, wondering how on earth to open it? You’re not alone. Lucky for you, I’ve got the lowdown on the Top 6 Free Online .EML and .MSG File Viewers that’ll turn you into a file-opening ninja. Let’s jump in!

1. Mailvare Free EML Viewer

First up is Mailvare, a real hero for those who love clean interfaces and zero-fuss functionality. Open .EML files like a breeze and enjoy the simplicity. Who says you need to be a tech wizard to navigate file formats?


  • User-friendly
  • Quick loading times


  • Limited to .EML files

2. 4Team Online Viewer

This bad boy lets you upload and view not just .EML but also .MSG files. Just drag and drop, and you’re good to go.


  • Supports multiple formats
  • No software download needed


  • File size limitations

3. Encryptomatic’s EML Viewer

Ah, the Ferrari of free file viewers. This one is designed for the power user who needs advanced options like file sorting and even converting to different formats.


  • Advanced functionalities
  • Convert to PDF


  • UI can be overwhelming

4. Aryson EML Viewer

Aryson offers a sleek, no-nonsense experience. If you’re all about getting the job done without any hoopla, this one’s for you.


  • Simple UI
  • Lightweight


  • Lacks advanced features

5. FreeViewer EML File Viewer

This one makes it to the list for its robustness and reliability. It can handle large files with ease, so you don’t have to break a sweat.


  • Handles large files
  • Stable and reliable


  • UI is a bit dated

6. SysTools MSG Viewer

Last but not least, SysTools is perfect for .MSG files. It’s simple, easy to use, and does exactly what it promises.


  • Specifically designed for .MSG files
  • Easy to navigate


  • Limited to .MSG files

Wrap-Up: Choose Your Weapon

So there you have it, folksโ€”the ultimate list of free online .EML and .MSG file viewers. Whether you’re an everyday Joe or a professional, there’s something here to suit your needs. Now go on, conquer those pesky files like the pro you are! ๐Ÿš€

Encryptomatic’s online email viewer can be accessed via this link.

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