Top Features of Digital Wallets for WordPress

Top Features of Digital Wallets for WordPress -

Digital wallets have proved to be an elixir for WordPress based websites as it provides an easy method to store all the transactions details. Digital wallets have facilitated micropayments, these are the small amount paid in trade for content-based services. This has proved to be an effective tool as one is able to create their own digital currency, without the requirement of any external intervention.

Top Features of Digital Wallets for WordPress -

Micropayments have paved way to easy monetization of the content based services. It has facilitated easy and fast transactions within the site. They have been warmly accepted all over the websites that are launched and built on WordPress platforms. They have proved to be an easy way to turn the blogs into an income source. Micropayments make it easy to charge a small amount from the user to access exclusive contents. This ensures income for the owner and, users buy just the content they are interested in!

Let’s take a quick look at the topmost features of the digital wallets for WordPress.

  • Easy payment and checkout

Micropayment has simplified payments and transactions. Gone are the days when one had to switch between countless platforms to make a payment. With digital wallet, experience simple and quick in-site payment.

  • Allows to create your own currency

Micropayment gives the owner the capacity to create their own currency. Point system is implied to make use of this currency. The owner has the power to define the point value in terms of cash, as per their convenience.

  • Promotes community engagement

These Plugins offer a wide range of exciting options to boost user participation and community engagement. Make custom reward programs for your community and allure them in buying your content. One way to do so is through a point system. More points a user has, more perks they earn on the site!

  • Allows users to pay as per their convenience

This provides the users with a safe payment option. They are given the facility to make payments as per their desire. With Plugins like Woo Commerce or EDD, users have access to over 40 payment platforms like PayPal.

  • Discounts

The virtual points can even be converted into discount points to be used on EDD or Woo-commerce.

  • Facilitates payment across various websites

It allows users to make payments across the network. They need to have multiple license package to access their virtual currency through multiple sites.

  • Easy tracking of payments and simple report creation

It provides with ample of tools like graphs and list creation to keep an easy track of the payments. The users can be kept updated by sharing the transaction reports.

  • Exchange of points between the users

It allows easy transfer of virtual currency between the users. With simple short-codes, users are capable of direct transfer of funds.

  • Easy customisation

Micropayments Plugin can be very easily customised. One can add various other Plugin and themes to expand the possibilities of micropayments.

  • Say bye to language barrier

Micropayments can switch between languages on sites supporting multiple languages. The language can be easily adjusted, allowing the interface to work in the desired language.