Try One of These Three Time-Tested Niches for Your Next Passive Income Blog

Try One of These Three Time-Tested Niches for Your Next Passive Income Blog -

Day after day, new entrepreneurs rush to the blogosphere as means of making money online.

However, generating multiple streams of passive income is the ultimate goal of truly savvy bloggers.

Sure, money-making blogs can be built in no time , but coming up with a site that drives traffic that results in serious dollars and cents takes a bit more legwork. For starters, passive income blogs require a combination of the following when it comes to topics:

  • Subjects that have consistently high search volumes yet boast a variety of hidden niches
  • Highly-targeted traffic that’s willing to spend: you may be able to rank for keywords related to a topic, but it means very little if there’s no money behind your niche
  • Subjects with low or no competition, which is usually the point that stalls most affiliate marketers

Perhaps the most important component of affiliate marketing and generating passive income is that you get started rather than simply getting caught up on finding the perfect niche.

Thankfully, there are a variety of niches already out there that are tried-and-tested when it comes to driving traffic and making money. If you’re strapped for ideas or simply want to explore new territory for your next niche blog, consider the following niches as a solid starting point.

Fitness and Weight Loss

The weight loss industry is worth tens of billions of dollars, meaning that searchers are willing to spend when it comes to finding a solution to help manage their fitness. Likewise, due to the fact that much of the health industry boils down to marketing, there are seemingly endless sub-niches to target as buyers look for quick and easy solutions to lose weight.

For example, there are numerous affiliate products out there through platforms such as ClickBank which relate to fitness such as:

    • Workout routines, either in the form of a physical book or e-book, which promise six-pack abs or help women lose baby weight
    • Diet plans and cleanses which are designed as “lose weight quick” solutions, proven to build buzz and generate sales


  • Weight loss and workout supplements, many of which are relatively inexpensive which means less risk for your audience



The explosion of online dating has led to more and more users looking to optimize their dating profiles and seek out relationships online. Given the millions of searchers actively looking for love on the web, there are numerous affiliate programs that can help your leads find a match and put money in your pocket. From dating tips to building the ideal online dating profile, there are endless topics within the niche to help you drive highly targeted traffic.

Affiliate Marketing and Blogging

Ironically enough, one of the most profitable niches out there surrounds the subject of affiliate marketing and making money online in and of itself.

From informational products such as “how to” marketing e-books and web-hosting affiliates, you can easily build a blog that makes money by blogging about, well, making money. Affiliate experts such as Pat Flynn have made millions through teaching their tips to budding bloggers: why not do the same? If you’ve been in the game for a few years, chances are you have some worthwhile advice to offer newbies yourself.

Making money through a passive income blog is more than possible, granted you have the proper niche in mind. If you can come up with creative topics and put your own spin on any of the three aforementioned subjects, the odds are in your favor to build a profitable blog in due time.