Types of Social Marketing - Digital marketing

Types of Social Marketing -


Starting your business might seem easy in comparison to marketing it, be it offline or online, nowadays, more customers can be gained via social media. Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Google Plus, LinkedIn, SEO, Digital Media, Television or Radio are a few among those platforms where you can start marketing your products which are relatively easier than offline marketing or turning the viewers into your potential customers.

However, a word of mouth to plays a great role in widening your market area. People connected with each other spread the information about a particular product when they find it useful and up to their expectations. No one wishes to stay at a halt when they have the better quality products, then why not to promote it via all possible mediums? There are ample numbers of ways to market your product and reach the desired goal of the market area.



Social platforms are basically a media that geared up in recent years with a motive to promote awareness, news, positivity and much more. And thus people are more active at such places and it can be a perfect medium to promote one’s business than offline mediums to see eventual grade ups in their industry.


  • Social Networking Websites: You can connect with people via various sites like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Google Plus, or LinkedIn and engage in promoting the business. It is the best practice nowadays to reach to a potential consumer and can be of greater help when it comes to mass media marketing. Create your page on the platforms and generate promotional campaigns.


  • Media or Content sharing platforms: Share photos, videos, and other media using various sites like blogger, Google Plus, WordPress, Tumblr or more to share more about the product and business.


  • Discussion forums: The platforms like Quora, Twitter or Goodreads are the best places to talk and share about the business. You can resort to replying to the queries of people and recommending your product to them.


  • Bookmarking, Blogging and publishing networks: Sites like Pinterest, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat or more too helps to bring the leads for your business. Create the pins or let people know about the business via graphics. After the boost in a social network, such platforms are getting more engagements that can help you bring leads for the business.


  • Consumer reviewing, Shopping platforms: Sites like Goodreads, Amazon , Flipkart are best ways to engage more potential buyers of the product by letting the users review your product and others can view or make their idea regarding it. Amazon also offers Amazon Coupons that can be made use of to get discounts on products by users.



  • SEO is an example of social marketing that involves tricks and framework to be followed to reach the desired aim. It basically helps in ranking up the particular website with quality content.
  • Another way to yield great results through social marketing is via influencer programs. A brand can start an influencer session, inviting people to participate, experience their products and spread a word about their business. This is the most adopted way to increase one’s reach.
  • Another advanced way is through AdWords which requires knowledge about consumers’ keyword search online and the campaign is started accordingly.  
  • Email marketing helps a lot if you can get access to various active emails from certain service providers. You can directly send the information about your product in their inbox.
  • You can create the separate pages on various social networking sites like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, SnapChat, Pinterest, etc. and start posting regularly about the products there.
  • You can even resort to Facebook promotion or Instagram promotion or twitter promotion campaigns targeting your market area by spending a few bucks.
  • Micro-blogging websites like Twitter or Tumblr are of great advantage in social marketing.

Types of Social Marketing -


Instead of getting confused by many social media sites, you can first start campaigning at one well-known medium and then shift to more. You can undoubtedly invest your money in online promotions and see the results.  The method is yielding a great return to the investors.

  • You will have to grow the followership and fan base on the platforms to start promoting there.
  • Post the best quality content and keep yourself to the point while tempting the audience towards your business by providing them what they need.
  • Do a little market research first and get the idea of what’s going on there in the consumer’s mind and what do they need.
  • The best thing about social marketing is you can reach as many numbers of the target audience you want at a particular time.
  • Try getting reachable to subscribers of your product. Monthly Facebook and YouTube users are comparatively more in comparison to others. You can opt to appoint a professional marketer for the task.
  • Give offers on your products at frequent intervals and involve in getting good reach for the campaigns.
  • Provide free shipping or giveaways on certain occasions.
  • Instagram has higher engagement rates than Facebook and Twitter. You can simply rely on promoting it there and starting a well-organized campaign.
  •  Add the links to your website in promotional campaigns and see the results that will keep your business an edge.