Ultra White – Free WordPress Theme for Finances and Credit Cards Blogs

Ultra white is a beautiful, very light and clean web 2.0 theme for blogs that concentrate on finances, reviews, credit cards, online shopping and even just women or computers. Timeless blue and white combination will make any content look appealing!

This theme contains NO trail of sponsored links except for 2 developers credits, which is another plus if you want to maintain a quality blog with as little as possible outgoing links.

  • Sleek web 2.0 design

  • Cute vector illustration

  • Mild colors, perfect for any type of blog

  • Slim and centered  design, perfect for any resolution.


Demo | Download

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  5. Avatar of Arlen
    Arlen says:

    Looks like great theme. I really like this theme. By having separate themes for particular blogs it would be very easy to identify the type of blog just by seeing the view.

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