Vicology – Eco Friendly WP Theme With Ajax Gallery

As I mentioned last week, I am going to release some more eco-friendly wordpress themes and here is yet another ecologically clean layout. This theme has a very clean, cute and beautiful slideshow gallery, AJAX powered and easily managed through the admin panel. Mild yet vibrant combination of colors will guarantee  that this theme will look perfect on any blog that promotes healthy and clean environment.

Making the Gallery Work:

In order to make the gallery work, you need to do only 2 simple things. First, go to the dashboard and select how many posts you want to have in the slider + the category of posts to showcase, make sure you actually have (for example) 5 posts in Category X, when you select to have 5 posts in rotation.

Next, the images in the slider are working on custom fields, so you need to add images to a custom fiend called slide. Images must be 450 * 250 pixels, in order to display properly and proportionally.


You can edit the rotation speed in feat.php file, line 6. if you have any questions, please post them below. Enjoy the theme!


Live Demo | Free Download

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