What is Siteframe Web Hosting

Siteframe is a program that manages the content of your website and is most effective between web sites and community-oriented weblogs. Created by Glen Campbell, Siteframe is the lighter version of a content management system, which is very visual and easy to use. This program allows many users to share news stories, pictures and videos, while sending internal messages and participate in community activities online.

One of the best aspects of web hosting Siteframe is no need to learn HTML, as a result of Web-based intuitive interface. Programming languages server side tend to be difficult to learn, with Siteframe not need to know this knowledge. Scripts within the program is done by PHP and MySQL is used to store information in the database.

The ease of use and availability of open source CMS makes this extremely popular among webmasters and web hosting providers alike. The latest version includes the ability to tag and share photos or profiles of users while managing folders. Users have the ability to make their own folders that are linked to the categories provided by the site owner.

There are some requirements before installing software, including:

* Apache
* Smarty
* PHP5
* Beaumont Siteframe

Apache is used during the installation of Siteframe. Although it is best to use the latest version, the earlier variants estimated to function properly during installation. It will work fine with any web server with PHP5. The proper installation is confirmed only with Apache 2.0.

Many features of Siteframe use version 4.1 of the platform. However, it was confirmed that the previous version of MySQL work, but may lack some features such as checklists and full-text search. Also, since InnoDB tables have been used, variants of MySQL that do not have this feature does not work with Siteframe accommodation.

Headquartered outside of PHP, this library of template is used for housing Siteframe to present all the required content. In addition, the most basic requirement is PHP5. It was confirmed that several features of PHP5 Siteframe used by web hosting are not in the earlier version of PHP. Therefore, beyond all versions of PHP5 Siteframe must be compatible with web hosting.

This type of web hosting can take the industry to the next level. The incorporation of a lite CMS will help many web sites organize their content in a functional and efficient. This may be the future of web hosting.