Where To Find Great Java Developer In 2023?

Where To Find Great Java Developer In 2020

Originally released in the year 1995, Java remains one of the most popular programming languages and a critical technology behind several organizations. The demand for Java developers has never really gone down, and it is consistently ranked as one of the top three programming languages so far.

Java has been listed to be the most in-demand programming language in a 2017 Stackify report . It has second place in popularity according to the PYPL rating and holds fifth place in StackOverflow’s popular technologies rating. This huge demand is justifiable given this object-oriented language has been a part of several legacy systems, back end development projects, Big Data, machine learning, web, and android development.

Where To Find Great Java Developer In 2020

Given the high demand, Java developers are paid quite well, with an average base salary of $104,400 per year in the United States. This figure could vary depending on the location and other factors, so you don’t have to limit your options to a restricted geographical location.

Thanks to remote technologies and better communication channels, you can very well hire remote experienced java developers, freelancers and even outsource your development to verified developers from across the globe. Here is a simple guide on the various ways you can hire Java developers for your projects.

Where To Find And Hire A Java Developer?

There are two main ways you can go about the Java 8 recruitment process.

·       Recruiting the Java developers by yourself

·       Delegating recruitment to an external service provider.

Sometimes you can also choose to go with a hybrid approach where you delegate a certain level of recruitment to a third-party vendor and handle the final recruitment decision yourself. 

Recruiting the Java Developers by Yourself

This is a good way to have the time, energy, and expertise to conduct the interview process. It is most often preferred when companies have their own development teams and one or more Tech experts who can spearhead the recruitment process.  When you choose to go with this approach, you will have to take care of the verification and vetting for the candidates considered.

Where To Find Great Java Developer In 2020

Here are some ways you can use to hire Java developers yourself:

Ask for referrals

You could ask for referrals from your existing professional network or get developer profiles through social media, GitHub, tech meets, and conventions. Employee referrals are considered to yield the best ROI among all other options. And stats say that employees hired through referrals have a better turnover as they stay longer than four years.

Use job portals

You can make use of specialized job portals like Angel.co, Indeed, and even use professional networking sites like LinkedIn to post your jobs and invite applications. You can also use these portals to search and contact matching Java developer job candidates.

Use freelance portals

Freelance portals are similar to Job portals and are usually used to post remote working and part-time jobs and hire short-term freelancing Java developers. You can check out sites like Upwork, Toptal to look for freelancer profiles and post your jobs. But these sites do not necessarily provide any profile verification, which you will have to take care of.

Delegating The Recruitment

When you don’t have enough time, resources, and expert knowledge to conduct the technical interviews required for the Java development profile, you can seek the help of third-party vendors and recruitment agencies to hire software engineers on your behalf. Some ways you can hire java experts are:

Involve recruiters

You can delegate the recruitment process alone to human resource agencies and consultants who will take care of selecting candidate profiles and conducting interviews on your behalf for a corresponding commission or payment plan.

Use outsourcing companies

Outsourcing companies can take up your web development projects and make an end to end to delivery of required deliverables without placing any resource burdens on your company. 

There are two main ways you can deal with outsourcing companies to hire software developers.

Extend your existing team with a remote worker provided by the outsourcing company. This approach is best suited when you already have an in-house core Java dev team and a project manager. You can hire one or more remote Java developers as per your need through an outsourcing company. The outsourcing company will take care of the payroll and recruitment process.

Outsource an entire remote development team. This approach is best suited when you have no in-house development team and need an entire team infrastructure to support your development needs. This can be a cost-effective option where you will act as the value team or the client whom the outsourcing partner will have to satisfy.

With the increasing dependence on digital solutions, the demand for skilled Java developers continues to grow. But where can you find a proficient Java developer who can add significant value to your projects? In this guide, we’ll explore the most effective channels and strategies for finding top-notch Java developers in 2020.

Online Job Platforms

Firstly, online job platforms are a common place to start. Websites like Indeed, Glassdoor, and LinkedIn allow employers to post job openings and attract potential candidates. They also offer advanced search features, which you can use to narrow down applicants based on their skills, experience, and location.

For instance, LinkedIn not only allows you to post job openings but also actively search for potential candidates. By using LinkedIn’s advanced search feature, you can filter profiles by skills, location, current company, and more, helping you find the ideal Java developer for your team.

Freelance Platforms

Secondly, freelance platforms such as Upwork, Freelancer, and Toptal are excellent resources to find experienced Java developers. These platforms allow you to post project-specific jobs and hire freelancers based on their skills, experience, portfolio, and rates.

Take Toptal, for example. Toptal prides itself on providing the top 3% of freelance talent, including highly skilled Java developers. They have a rigorous screening process, ensuring you only get proposals from the best candidates.


Thirdly, GitHub is an underutilized resource when it comes to recruiting developers. This platform is a hub for developers to share, collaborate, and showcase their work, making it an ideal place to identify skilled Java developers. By analyzing a developer’s repositories and contributions, you can assess their coding skills, problem-solving ability, and even how well they collaborate with others.

Networking Events and Meetups

Fourthly, don’t underestimate the power of networking events and meetups. These gatherings can be a rich source of talented Java developers. Events like Java User Group (JUG) meetings, tech conferences, and hackathons are great places to network and identify potential candidates.

Consider JUG meetings, for instance. They attract passionate Java developers eager to learn and share knowledge, making them a promising place to spot potential hires.

Coding Bootcamps

Lastly, coding bootcamps and tech training institutes often house a pool of aspiring Java developers who are eager to start their careers. Many of these institutes offer career services, including job placement assistance and hosting job fairs. Partnering with such institutions can help you find fresh talent and even shape them to suit your specific needs.

Using a Specialized Marketplace for Hiring Remote Java Developers

This approach provides the best of both worlds of outsourcing. You can hire remote AWS expert developers without the need for extra infrastructure setup and recruitment process overhead. Platforms like YouTeam provide you with an efficient solution to access top talents across the world at affordable rates and provide the necessary tools to streamline the communication and remote work setup.  

You also get the extra benefit of working with vetted partners as YouTeam lists only verified full-time programmers.

Wrap Up

The recruitment process is no more restricted to your locality. Businesses of any size and scale can get top talents to work for them and produce amazing results that will push them towards achieving all their goals. Make use of all the available options to hire the best Java developers through remote working channels at affordable costs from all over the world.

Finding a skilled Java developer in 2023 involves a multi-pronged approach. You should leverage online job platforms, freelance websites, GitHub, networking events, and coding bootcamps. Each of these resources has its unique benefits and can help you locate the perfect Java developer for your team.

But remember, while finding a great Java developer is one thing, convincing them to join your team is another. Ensure your company provides a conducive environment for learning and growth, and of course, competitive compensation. After all, a great Java developer won’t just join any team – they’ll join a team where they see potential for growth, learning, and exciting projects to work on.

So, good luck with finding your Java developer in 2023! Or, should we say, good luck finding your needle in the digital haystack!

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