White Label SEO Has Never Been Easier!

White Label SEO Has Never Been Easier! -

This blog has started off as a webmasters and beginner marketers tutorials blog and although many of our today’s readers are more interested in web design, we still often get a lot of questions about various online promotion strategies, SEO and making money online. So, today, we decided to dedicate a post to all those of you who are interested to buy PBN links , and don’t know where to get started. We all know the importance of Google ranking, and how it can effect sales, if you run an on-site e-store. Those of you who ever run an e-shop, knows that the difference between being on top of Google search results and being buried somewhere deep in search results is different as night and day. However, when you are looking to purchase links, you need to make sure that the website you are placing your link on will be:

  • Indexed for the keywords you are targeting, so your link will get indexed fast
  • Domain won’t be dropped, penalized or spammy
  • Domain has Domain Authority of 15 of higher

https://www.toptut.com//HLIC/779e4c0029f23f794fd0a12d6e0694a5.gifWhile it can be laborious to search for potential blogs, them contact them all in person and validate their website’s authority, it a lot easier to hire an Internet Marketing Company who specializes in this field and has a private network of blogs that they work with on a regular basis, ensuring smooth, fast and hassle free process. This is ideal for clients who want to brainstorm the SEO of their website and see fast and solid results. With focus on quality, rather than on quantity, you can skyrocket your website’s ranking in just a few weeks. With all links being permanent, you only pay once, and maintain your website’s highly optimized SEO and ranking even long after the campaign you paid for has finished. Most companies guarantee that links will stay live “forever”, but in reality as blogs get re-sold, go offline or just fade into the darkness  —  as year go by, you will see some of the links slowly disappearing, but that is a natural process of evolution, I guess.


Another category of clients who can benefit from these type of services are those who are looking for SEO Reseller Services, which allows any of us to generate passive revenue from reselling SEO services provided to a client. This is something I used to do a few years ago when I run a SEO business, simply outsourcing an agency that has a big pool of private blogs gathered under one roof and I must say from personal experience, that  passive income never looked better! This type of service is completely white label, and requires zero work on your part, since the agency you are hiring does the entire job, from keyword research to white labeled KPI’s and tracking. You won’t even need to set up Google Webmasters account and submit a sitemap, since they will do it for you. Of all the types of business that I run, which I categorized as being “passive income”, this is by far the easiest and the most fun to do, with huge margins and nearly zero work. Not to mention, that this type of business (SEO optimization) will always be around and will always prosper, since we are all in a constant rat-race for a better Google ranking… 🙂