Why choose a custom software for your business?

Why choose a custom software for your business? -

Why would you even bother to build a custom software after all? Honestly, this is a pretty strong question that involves complex and multiple answers, but we will make them simple and clear in the lines below. First, let’s admit that finding an ideal suit that perfectly fits your back, your shoulders and your arms at the same time is not the easiest task on Earth, which is why you might visit a tailor in order to fully look sharp and shiny. Intuitively or not, this principle applies in the software world just as much as it does in the clothing industry. Here we will bring you 6 main advantages about why personalized software is superior (on average) to an off-the-shelf product.

  • Particularly created upon request

Your business requirements can rapidly change nowadays, often due to customers’ preferences, diverse expectations and changes in behavior. While the market is getting more challenging and demanding every day, it’s pretty straightforward that no prefabricated software program can meet up all the necessities of a business. Not to mention that an update in this sort of program can very easily confuse or even hinder your employees, whereas a custom-software will only make an update if it entirely fulfils your needs, being built in complete accordance with your tastes.

Why choose a custom software for your business? -

Another aspect worth mentioning is that a customized software can keep you ahead of the competition. If you operate with a common software that all your competitors use as well, there won’t be too many improvements in your workflow in this aspect. Instead, if you have an idea that would enhance the system and allow your employees to complete their tasks faster and easier, be sure that you are the one who’s going to reap the fruits.

  • Good value for money

Gone are the days when custom-software was a luxury suited only for huge and wealthy corporations. Monetarily, building a software from scratch is not the same as building a car or a private jet piece by piece. While creating your own car is an expensive operation due to the high price of each item individually, building a software solution is often cheaper (and certainly more efficient) than purchasing a standard program. If that sounds unrealistic, do a quick search for custom software and ask for deals and offers today! Still, that’s not everything. Unlike regular software that may have specific requirements regarding the hardware, we assure you that there will be no new hardware parts needed, as we can make it work well for what you have right now.

  • More in one

Integration appears when more programs are basically stored into only one application which can produce multiple outcomes. You have just read the definition of another great advantage that a packaged software can provide in a business environment. That sounds very promising and you might worry that Royal Media Ltd. might not thoroughly understand the business ambience of your enterprise. While that might be the case with some digital companies, it certainly does not apply here, as our professionals are highly trained in this industry for years and have developed various software for diverse types of businesses located in different countries. Shortly, you are covered!

Why choose a custom software for your business? -

  • Great technical-support

When it comes to support for your software, do not expect a long waited e-mail response or numerous redirections before you can actually talk to someone who can provide help. No, you call us or send a message and you are immediately being explained, hands-on, what needs to be done in order to fix or modify a particular aspect about your software. Our developers are always ready and happy to clarify any feature of their devoted work.

  • Scalability

Custom software is especially designated for businesses with growth expectations. More precisely, a standard software might work just fine now, but it won’t be able to work the same in 3 months, when your clientele significantly raises. Talking about clientele, here are a few ways we could help you boost your digital presence and attract more clients. Back to scalability, a proprietary software will work just as fine both with 1000 customers and with 1 million customers, so that you do not need to go into additional unnecessary costs. Besides being scalable, your software will also be uniformly and properly updated when necessary – no need for new software, no need for dealing with a different interface and no need for further trainings among your employees.

Why choose a custom software for your business? -

  • Highly secured

Using a popular software might expose you to various threats from hackers, who can easily find access into an ordinary program. If they gain enough data from other similar businesses that deploy the same programs as you do, both your company and the competition will be prone to malware attacks. That is why there are more Windows-viruses than Linux-viruses right now, as a consequence of Windows popularity. Furthermore, struggling to break into a new individualized well-protected system is not too tempting for a hacker – at least not as tempting as breaking into a well-known environment.

In conclusion, when only a basic program (i.e. text editor) is needed in your company, then an off-the-shelf choice is the best decision, but if you want a personalized, more complex and successful software to enhance your company according to your needs, then you can re-read the benefits above in order to convince yourself about the main big advantages a custom-software comes with.