Why Should You Follow SEO Rules?

Why Should You Follow SEO Rules? - Search engine optimization

Why Should You Follow SEO Rules? -



SEO has gained momentum nowadays due to the increase in the competition of similar websites online. SEO which means Search Engine Optimization is of utmost importance for the webmaster to understand and make its best use to grow the business. SEO has the potential to help you elevate the ranking of websites and in return, you may easily sell your products, or widen your market area online using better SEO techniques. Most often we fail to make use of the perfect SEO rules and thus our efforts go in vain. Therefore, to be more realistic in our approach towards Search Engine Optimization techniques, we must not look over certain major facts and rules. If you are new to this term and wishes to know more about it, never skip the following given rules so as to increase the reach of your business.



  • SEO is a technique to or a set of rules that are needed to be followed by the website owner to elevate their website’s ranking and increase its search after optimizing it.
  • It also helps to speed up the website, to navigate it properly and make it user-friendly. SEO is a set of rules that act as the guidelines for the webmaster to optimize their website.
  • Without following these rules, one cannot attain the required stage online as the website will remain less in searches, but a good website with better SEO can be ranked high which can help in getting visitors to the website who can turn into customers of your product.
  • SEO is really important to promote the idea socially and get listed in the top position in searches.
  • It helps in smooth running of the website as well as it can keep your website ahead of all other competing websites.
  • The website becomes friendly to crawlers and they can easily read and understand the web content and eventually can add the website to the indexing.
  • SEO with good content including most often searched keywords adds to its search result too. Without following these guidelines, one can not achieve the aim of ranking it to the topmost searches. It is always a good practice to never violate them.



It is of utmost importance for a website owner to keep in view the important rules for better SEO of their website. Big companies like Amazon or other retailers use such techniques to bring out more sales online. They also offer certain Amazon India Coupons to sell their products at concessional rates to its users.

Following are major SEO rules that you must not ignore to uplift your business:

  • Using webmaster tools leads to better performance of the website
  • Make the website mobile-friendly
  • Keep updating the website with latest and new content
  • Keep an eye over broken links as it may hamper the performance
  • Creating an XML sitemap and user sitemap is of great help
  • Do not forget to get the backlinks on another website
  • Make sure to have the better speed of your website
  • Get the 404 page customized
  • Images on the website can be optimized too for best results
  • Page titles must be optimized with meta description
  • URLs should be SEO friendly
  • Use the proper and relevant keywords that can be indexed
  • The pages on the website must be easier to read and navigate
  • You can try adding breadcrumb menu to internal pages
  • Use the quality content on your website that too free of plagiarism



SEO is not a one-time process but involves rigorous dedication and maintenance and it can be classified into two types, that is, on-site SEO and off-site SEO.

  1. On-Site SEO is a vast technique that enables your site to get user-friendly. This involves all the major rules and framework that are listed above like mapping the web pages, indexing the URLs or making use of fresh content and more. These are the major changes and updates that can be done to your website to increase suggestions in the results page
  2. Off-site SEO is a method that lets you rank high in search results. This method involves building backlinks to the website. The best way is to create the links on pages that you want to show and the content plays a big role here. Better quality content with more information is an amazing way to increase website ranking.



  • After considering all the techniques of SEO, you must keep in mind that SEO will never work without better and quality content as it ultimately helps in the navigation of your website and leads to rank it higher in search results.
  • For long-term results, good quality content is the bane in SEO process. Make sure you do not skip this step amidst other SEO frameworks. It gives your website an additional lift during search results.
  • The content with keywords used in-between itself helps you increase the reach of a particular blog or the website to the potential users.
  • Keep adding fresh content on your website so as to ensure its perpetual search results.