Why Your SaaS Company Needs to Invest in Multiple Types of Content?

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When creating a SaaS content marketing strategy, you might be confused as to what type of content you need to create. You might have heard of whitepapers, eBooks, or even various content promotion strategies such as social media or SEO, but you may not know how to best employ them for your SaaS company.

For one, SaaS companies need to create multiple types of content and have multiple ways to promote that content to potential users. However, in order to create different types of content, you need to be aware of what your customers are looking for and who they are in the first place. 

Why Your SaaS Company Needs to Invest in Multiple Types of Content? -

Creating multiple customer touches

Most potential customers don’t make a purchasing decision the first time that they interact with your content. This is especially the case for SaaS businesses, which typically sell subscriptions and temporary licenses to their software. It on average takes a sales to lead between six and eight marketing touches in order to warm them up. To do this, you need to have plenty of content ready to go and make sure that its quality is high enough to get customers to come back for more.

Content can help people to get to know your SaaS business and know what problems your SaaS companies is seeking to solve. To do this, you’ll need to create multiple types of content to touch the hearts and minds of customers in different ways. 

Figure out what purpose your content types have 

Different types of content are consumed differently and should also be approached differently. For example, a podcast is a great way to consistently interview industry experts, customers who are similar to the buyer personas you want to attract and even give your own views on industry issues within your SaaS niche. However, in order to get a podcast going, you need to have a lot of episodes and you need to build a following. 

Social media, on the other hand, can be blasted out to targeted potential customers using an ad budget. This can be done quickly but is less sustainable in the long term. Social media ads may also appeal to customers in a different way, and may not build as much trust as a podcast or whitepaper can.

There are clear advantages and disadvantages to each content type and you need to decide which marketing channels are the best for your SaaS business. Ideally, you should focus on several marketing channels that give the best results for your business and reach different types of customers. 

In conclusion

To create multiple types of content, you need to understand your customers. You will also need a content strategy and content calendar to make sure that you are publishing content consistently. Without consistency, all of your planning and strategy will be for nothing, as customers like to transact with businesses that provide active and regular information to their audience. Creating an audience is not the same thing as creating a customer base, but leveraging multiple content channels to do is the first step in creating a holistic and sustainable SaaS content marketing strategy that appeals to several different types of customers. 

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