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Website Design Singapore Trends To Date - Dev / Design

The current website design Singapore patterns are still reflective of the massive press towards the use of mobile phones of current years.

Since 2015, modern technology customers have been preferring smartphones and tablets over typical computer systems, and the number of mobile individuals has grown dramatically. There are now an approximated 1.2 billion mobile customers throughout the world, with an estimated 25 percent of users in the Western world making use of mobile-only.

Almost 11 billion applications have been downloaded and installed, and 85 percent of all gadgets that are presently made can access the web.

The Development of Typography

Just as photos and illustrations have developed to fit mobile device screens and technology, the policies of typography are morphing to maximize these new designs. Look out for extra-crisp designs and even more serif typefaces to benefit from those high resolution Retina screens.

Various other typography trends consist of type getting edgier and more artsy, custom-made message and mixing fonts for even more effect is becoming more popular than ever before. Use custom and expressive fonts moderately, though; it’s ideal to master playing by the rules in typography before you bend them.

Dark Mode

It may be unusual website enhancement, such as using lighter messages, pictures, and user interface components on a dark history can produce substantial results. The reason this is such a large fad is that it lowers eyestrain, improves battery life and is simpler to read. This is particularly important in mobile settings where everything counts when it comes to making the web page simple to see.

Dark mode has a futuristic feeling and makes certain colours jump. This is an exceptional way to draw attention to your items. Dark mode is a trend that has been around for a number of years, and it looks like it is here to remain. It’s an idea that you should think about when you are doing a revamp.

Photographs Combined With Graphics

Make your message louder and more noticeable in 2020 by utilizing real photographs blended with graphs. Among the best web design trends that you may wish to think about for your web site is overlapping graphics on top of photos. This produces a remarkable visual that permits developers to allow their creativeness run.

Going Flat

The past five years or two saw complexity and flash in GIF documents and animations get to an emergency. Today, in light of the prevalence of mobile usage, less is more. Simpler flat styles are substituting snazzy GIFS to boost the customer experience. Flat, fundamental graphics can be seen on the sites of Internet juggernauts like Google and Facebook, et cetera of the ‘net is doing the same with one of the top fads in business internet site styles. You’ll certainly still see animations in 2021 and past, yet these creations will also reflect the flat design trend.


In 2020, expect attention-grabbing visuals that will make internet sites stand out and look advanced while maintaining it low key with minimal elements, and not fail to remember mobile responsive web design patterns. Web design in 2020 ensures a better user experience that organizations can highly benefit from. Still, expect lots of surprises following year as website developers remain to look to the future and look to the past for ideas.

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