3 Fantastic Facebook Chat plugins for WordPress

3 Fantastic Facebook Chat plugins for WordPress -

If you have your own business, it’s important to be active on Facebook. While not all your friends want to read every update from your company’s blog, there’s a lot of value in cross-promoting your blog posts on Facebook. By posting articles and news on Facebook regularly, you can generate quite some web traffic. And if your content is interesting enough, your people will liken and share, which can lead to more brand awareness and visitors. Another way to use Facebook for business purposes is to allow visitors to your website to send your Facebook messages. Just from your own WordPress website! Below we discuss the three best Facebook Chat Plugins (premium and free plugins!) That allow you to integrate that functionality.


1. Facebook Messenger for WordPress ($ 25)


Facebook Messenger for WordPress is a premium plugin that allows you to effortlessly collect Facebook leads to your website. The plugin is compatible with WooCommerce and supports all languages. The plugin is easy to install and configure, and you’ll receive a notification immediately if you have a new lead. Also a great option to get more Facebook likes!

Download here

2. Facebook Messenger Chat for WordPress (Free)


With the free Facebook Messenger Chat plugin you can easily integrate a Facebook chat feature on your website. To do this, enter your Facebook page and then add the shortcode [cool-fb chat] to the desired page or post. The plugin also offers the ability to enable Facebook bot for automatic responses.

Download here

3. Facebook Messenger Live Chat (Free)

The mobile-friendly Facebook Messenger Live Chat plugin lets you chat with your visitors on your own website. Your chat history will be kept so you can always read your old conversations. The premium version of the plugin (which has a free trial of 14 days) offers even more convenient features, such as popups, social coupons, banners and promo boxes.

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